Joséphine 100ml                   Le Vainqueur 100ml
For lovers’ day, Rancé 1795 proposes 2 fragrances which will astonish the loved ones by wrapping them up in spice olfactory notes for her and  woody ones for him. Josephine is an Eastern charm, the perfume of a woman whom cannot be forgotten, so much so that it gets its inspiration from Napoleon’s best loved one. The warm, mysterious and passionate notes of the fragrance are kept in a rich Eastern bouquet. In the mind, the captivating sweetness of the Bulgarian rose meets the violet in a sophisticated bouquet of fresh flowers, with redcurrant flavoured accents. In the heart, the vanilla flower sensuality, warm and captivating, meets perfectly Opoponax and red pepper in a spicy and slightly muddy mix. The musk and velvety remainder is warmed by the boisè and resinous tonalities of Oman incense. A perfume which tells the fascination of an Istanbul escape, between East and West, an immersion between blossomed accents and spicy atmospheres, surrounded by flowers, velvets and incense resins, wrapped up in a packaging which reminds you of precious spice boxes and perfumed love potions. The perfume for him on Valentine’s day carries you away between the wind and the Mediterranean sea. A fragrance created by François Rancé in honour of Napoleon, great ruler and brave winner, which gives off deep wooden and leather notes, wrapped in an aquatic and aromatic bouquet which enhances the healthy and victorious spirit that lies in every man.Le Vainqueur’s head notes, bergamot, tangerine, and sea accord, open on the heart of the lavender flower, ginger, nutmeg and geranium. The base of sandal wood, cedar tree and hide is enhanced by musk notes. Inspired by Mediterranean atmospheres and the wind swept promontories of Corsica, the fragrance has a bright and vibrant freshness.  The tall and square bottle of the Vainqueur takes the shapes of a lighthouse which stands out in wind and sea, leading to victory. The ribbon of rich curved textile refers to stays of ships or the bridle of an Arab horse running on the shores and seals the fragrance with a dark blue note.
Le Vainqueur swaps                     Joséphine soaps

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