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by Elena Barassi

Shy and no more worldly, Enrico seem too far from the showbiz. Reading his CV, people discover a chef who has enchanted even George Bush and Queen Elisabeth, to whom he has dedicated his masterpiece, the Queen Victoria risotto, with rice, shrimps and fresh vegetables. Enrico talks with passion and glee. Cause now, after leaving Japan where he opened 30 restaurants, he is come back to Italy.

What does it means for you “cooking” nowadays?

It’s contributing to the success of the food pleasure and in the same way to let growing an awareness of cuisine values. These values are deeply rooted in the world history and in man’s cultural evolution. So cuisine as source of well-being, sharing and why not cultural and traditions linking. I believe in a cuisine that meets up.

Your great experience has taken you to the White House under the Bush senior administration . Which are your best souvenirs and how have you mixed the USA tastes with italian cuisine flavours?

I have many great souvenirs of the Bush family, so polite, not too much formal and excellent wines and red meat connoisseurs. A big and very powerful family that every Sunday met up for a risotto or pasta based lunch. Italian cuisine flavours have been among the reasons of naming me.   Italian cuisine is very appreciated in USA and it’s not so difficult to combine American with Italian taste

The Royal Family has been another essential landmark. The only 27 years old Italian chef at Buckingham Palace

I won a very strong selection among over 1.000 candidates. A unique, unforgettable and passionate experience. A victory of me and of the great Italian cuisine, an historic change for English people and for our cuisine in my loved London where now there are so many Italian restaurants

Four times among the first ten chefs of the world in Five Star Diamond Award as one of the World’s Best Chefs”. You have been charged with lots of expectations. How have you experienced it?

With calm. One of the biggest hazard in my job that, over the last few years, puts people over the spotlight, is to get a big head. I always tell me that I’m only a chef, who, from now, has one more task that is let the organization and all the chefs member grow together. Anything else is only satisfaction to be lived in easy way.
1_Enrico Derflingher           5_Risotto Queen Victoria_Enrico Derflingher
Why among the several chances you have chosen to go to Japan?

Because it’s the place where you best eat, It’s enough to have a look to the Michelin guide where Japan has more stars than France. In that country the food commodities veneration is enormous and it’s a country unique in the world that I’ve ever loved.

You are a shy chef. What about attending Masterchef?

I’d think about but I don’t think I could attend

Your cuisine today. Which is the direction of your trials?

My way now is about the best clearness and integrity. You don’t need so many ingredients in a dish composition, never too much expensive. Every trial starts from a goal: to let the haute cuisine friendly with anybody who wants to understand it.

When you want your wife be happy, what do you prepare?

At home I usually cook fish because she loves it. Above all, sea fish, maybe a bass cooked with fresh herbs, little tomatoes e lot of olive oil.

From Japan where you opened many restaurants and you have been chef patron of Armani restaurant in Tokyo, you come back to Italy. Which direction has your professional life taken?

As the President of Euro Toques International I spend lot of time on this task. But I don’t give up cooking. I play advisory roles not only in Italy but also all over the world. I also work together with many banqueting activities and, last but not least, I’ m developing some projects of high quality training all over the world.
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