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Forget the winter blues and welcome spring with a radiant skin. Nothing could be easier thanks to two new treatments for lightening and enlightening effect that extend the White Marble collection of Erno Laszlo, Translucence Sheet Mask and Cream. Known for innovative tailored cleaning rituals and for customized skin care solutions since 1927, Erno Laszlo New York – founded by the Hungarian physician father of modern dermo-cosmetology, the brand continues thanks to the prestigious The Institute in Soho – presents two new products within the famous line Whitening and Brightening: White Marble Sheet Mask and White Marble Translucence Cream, formulated to give uniformity and radiance to the skin. Inspired by the flawless perfection of the stone from which it takes its name, White Marble Collection is a line of cutting-edge lighting products that refine and correct hyperpigmentation of the skin, making it brighter and transparent. The two new formulations complement the beauty ritual that starts from the use of the Treatment Bar (150 g, € 58.00), a gently exfoliating treatment bread that cleanses the skin deep down and is the heart of the cure, which for Erno Laszlo starts always on the cleanliness of the skin. The already known Radiance Emulsion is instead a serum not fat in rapid absorption formulated in a specific manner to reduce melanin production at the cellular level, increasing the brightness of the skin and diminishing the unwanted dark spots (30 ml, € 180.00). And obviously the Sheet Mask, precious anti-aging treatment for intense hydration which acts in less than 10 minutes. Delicate but intense results, this silky mask in single-use sheets applies weekly and acts both in visible and in depth level (6 pieces € 105.00). Finally, the Translucence Cream balances all skin types and it must be used every day to protect and visibly reduce the appearance of imperfections and regain splendor (50 ml, € 190.00). Like all other products of Erno Laszlo New York, even the White Marble Collection is available in a selected network of perfumeries.
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