Suunto Essential Collection               suunto-essential
We are more and more sports and technology oriented, can we also be elegant? This question shall be answered by the companies with more exclusive materials even less luxury products considered. Such is the case of Suunto, a well-known brand for its products for outdoor and underwater that launched the Essential Ceramic line, characterized by five new models included in the Suunto Essential Collection range. The Finnish company enters short leads in the visible part of the top quality materials used for the production of its models: those of Essential Ceramic are made precisely by ceramic with sapphire crystal and stainless steel. It is of course complete with altimeter, barometer and compass. The various models have common features and different characteristics: Ceramic Copper combines a copper-colored ceramic bezel and a stainless steel case with a fine white leather strap, Copper Black Ceramic and Ceramic All Black match the ceramic ferrule in a stainless steel case black satin stainless steel and an elegant black leather strap (also available in fine fabric). The Essential Ceramic (that have a price of € 790 for the version with leather strap and € 740 for the versions with fabric strap) are in fact an example of how not with clocks can be chic. If you try to be chic, not common in these days, that’s it.
Suunto-Essential-White-Copper-Leather-Strap-Kit                        suunto-essential-carbon-strap

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