HORTENSE bottle and box-                                         HEROIQUE bottle and box-
Hortense & Héroïque, two fragrances inspired to far lands travels that are characterized by crisp and sensual notes at the same time, represent the feminine and masculine side of the same inspiration signed Rancé 1795. The two new products of the Impériale Collection have the same precious and refined style that has always characterized the scents of the Maison de Parfumeurs founded in Grasse in the first half of the eighteenth century by the master glove maker Louis Rance, official supplier to the imperial court and the French perfumer preferred by Napoleon. A tradition of High Perfumery handed down for over 200 years and is now being carried forward by Giovanni Rancé, the seventh generation of a historic Maison whose precious creations are preserved in the Museo del Profumo Rancé (perfume museum) in Milan, a varied mosaic of rare pieces, colors and images that bear witness to the historical path of evolution of the brand. A unique collection of its kind: products and period artifacts belonging to the private collection, a selection of the Historical Archive documents, ancient machinery for the production of fragrances and soaps, bottles and compacts vintage, recipe books, manuscripts containing formulations original fragrance, plaques and ancient molds, vintage labels, family portraits. The highlight of the collection is a casket of Sevres porcelain, twin
Museo_Rancé                                  Scrivania Francois Rancé
specimen donated by François Rancé to Josephine Bonaparte on the occasion of the coronation of 1805, an object d’art that held the fragrance created by the great perfumer for Empress in person. Today Héroïque, the new men’s fragrance, is a vibrant and bold composition that speaks to a modern Ulysses, the protagonist of his life in a contemporary era, lived in frenetic metropolis or in the most unexplored places. Citrusy, fruity, woody, amber, looks elegant bottle with clear contours and the elongated forms, where the transparency of the glass is bordered by a strip of precious fabric (Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 50ml € 80.00 Eau de Parfum Natural spray 100ml € 112.00). While Hortense, who was named by the Dutch Queen, mother of Napoleon III, is a tribute to a cosmopolitan woman, very modern, sophisticated and charming. A scent that opens with oriental accents in a bold composition of spicy and mysterious notes, enriched with a warm, sensual base, creating an adventure olfactory lively and compelling, enclosed in a bottle with rounded shapes and female evoking beauty, elegance and perfection (Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 50ml € 85.00 Eau de Parfum Natural Spray 100ml € 119.00). The tape that surrounds it seems to remember the precious fabrics with which the noblewomen of the time loved to adorn their hair, while the bright colors of the pack, which echos those of the banner of the Companies of the Netherlands Indies, revive the Imperial Collection, underlining the contemporary. Gold, the precious symbol of royalty, refer to the blond hair of Hortense, exalted in the verses of Chénier enclosed within the Eau de Parfum box.
Museo_Rancé_1                       Museo Rancé 1

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