01_SieMatic_CLASSIC_BeauxArts2.0                             08_SieMatic_CLASSIC_BeauxArts2.0
For the Milano Design Week SieMatic on Wednesday, April 13th at 5 p.m. houses in its showroom in via Monte Santo the event “Your Lifestyle, Your kitchen”. The historic German company, a world leader in the kitchen industry, electrifies the Fuori Salone with SieMatic29 creations, fresh winner of the German Design Awards, the Multimatic by Urban style, and BeauxArts.02 line, developed in collaboration with the acclaimed American designer Mick De Giulio, the “rock star of kitchen design,” which reinterprets in a unconventional way the kitchen’s concept. A partnership based on chance of making harmonious apparently contrasting elements playing with styles and matter. In BeauxArts.02 noble metal facades are combined with glossy dark ebony, matt or glossy lacquer, glass and special worktops StoneDesign by SieMatic for a design concept realized according to your own personal taste that fits the needs and style of house. And behind the scenes sophistication in the foreground, with the wall and the furnitures in a single solution thanks to eye-catching illuminated shelves to store all that needs to be on hand that are hidden behind a sliding door in polished marble – that surprises for its incredible lightness although massive and heavy – placed behind the important cooking area. SieMatic29 represents the new surprising and versatile reinterpretation of traditional buffet cuisine, with which the company Loehne in Westphalia has achieved its first success after its founding in 1929, distinguishing itself above all as always for the responsible and sustainable management and a production that takes place according to ecological criteria Made in Germany. The unmistakable shape and the filigree pin socket enhance the lone character and timeless elegance of this furniture, developed in collaboration with the young Berlin designers KINZO team. A furniture that can be designed individually in terms of size, colors and materials and equipped with many modern features (from the sink, stove and hood up lighting, sockets and USB charging station), making it a distinctive feature of the Urban Style, the youngest and unconventional among the three SieMatic styles, Urban, Pure and Classic. www.siematic.com
01 SieMatic URBAN_SieMatic 29_German Design Award 2016                               08 SieMatic URBAN SieMatic 29_German Design Award 2016

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