Hypnose Palette Paris en reve                         My Parisian Blush
It is a pop and retro-futurist Paris the inspiration of the new make-up collection Spring 2016 “With Love From Lancôme” by Lancôme. It is a world of surprises and poetry full of grace and lightness. Look fresh and elegant texture thanks to games and sparkling colors to reinvent the color rules and create new sensations and new effects daring every day. My Parisian Pastels is a limited edition of the color palette for the face and eyes all in one: dust bold colors, bright pastels that offer an endless combination of looks, full of light and freshness. The nine colors, wrapped in a multicolored cube, are divided into 3 color correctors, 3 blush and 3 illuminating crayons to work directly on the skin with your fingers or with a brush. They are all in a custom pack with illustration signing the collection: from the roofs of Paris, in a beautiful sunny day, a woman with a bouquet of balloons in hand sends a message: From Lancôme With Love. My Parisian Blush is another must-have product this spring, a round blush like a balloon that resembles a box of candy and promises a “healthy glow” effect and splendor thanks to the two shades Corail de Ville (peach) and Rose Haussmann , a rose with a touch of blue. Applied with fingertips in small circular motions on the cheekbones, the texture blends naturally on the skin. Here then Rouge in Love, three soft-colored lipsticks, pigmented without excess, from the tender and feminine gloss: Aube de Printemps, apricot; Corail de Ville, pastel tangerine; Hausmann roses, pink pop with a hint of blue. To be used alone or with the addition of a touch of sparkle given by Lip Lover. In limited edition it is also Hypnôse Palette, eyeshadow declined in Paris en Reve, a harmony of delicate pastels, and Paris Merveilleux, combination of warm and intense tones including a sparkling orange that awakens the eye. For a hypnotic gaze it cannot fail Hypnôse Khol too: Bleu Parisien is a matte blue, while Brum Métropolitain relies on brown silky. And finally there is Vernis in Love, to coat your nails with Corail de Ville, apricot in style milk shake, Jaune Grands Boulevards, a lemon yellow lights, or Bleu Ciel Parisien, azure blue very elegant.
Vernis In Love Bleu Ciel Parisien                                                  Rouge In Love 407

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