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On the borders of the Salento region, in the Savelletri area, an area of Apulia where nature is largely intact and where life is still tied to tradition, the Masseria San Nicola, built by the Prince of Carbonelli and the summer residence of the Camicia family since the 19th Century is a luxury guest house perfect for a relaxed atmosphere holiday. Only 6 rooms in the splendid manor, each one different from the other but all having in common a refined elegance and a strong bond with the territory, being the signature style of Masseria San Nicola. Around the villa there are four houses, the ancient annexes, called Fico d’India, Bouganville, Oleandro and Gelso, that retain intact the rustic charm of the whitewashed stone dwellings of the Apulian countryside. Large and elegant, the independent houses, all with veranda or terrace, guarantee the best of privacy and luxury. Each house has its
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own personality and style: Casa Fico, white and with a retro style charm, and Casa Bouganville, romantic and fresh, are ideal for couples seeking accommodation far from any stereotypes, where the accent is on sun, sea and relaxation. Casa Oleandro, bright and featuring a vaulted ceiling in tufa limestone, and Casa Gelso, which retains all the colour and the atmosphere of Apulian tradition, are perfect for hosting guests looking for a seaside vacation in contact with nature. At Masseria San Nicola, set in a garden with two fully-equipped swimming pools, guests are cuddled by the splendid tarts freshly made each morning, by the chef in the home services and by the wellbeing treatments and massages in the “Relaxation Room”. And why not, by a perfect wedding thanks to a luxury five stars service.
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