Cod. 6163 Crema Corpo 200ml-lw   Cod. 1863 Crema-Balsamo per le Mani 100ml-lw

From the most advanced cosmetic research by Maison Rancé 1795 here RNC 1838, the Bio Cosmétique Huile de Camélia line. A full range of pure well-being of body treatments based on extremely fine bio-cosmetic oils that moisturize the skin deeply, leaving it soft and smooth. Like all lines RNC 1838 Bio Cosmétique, this bears the name of the active ingredient contained in it and offers a product range consisting of Body Cream, Milk – Oil for Body, Bath & Shower Cream. Each line also includes a series of specific products, based on the properties of the extracts contained: from Soap Balsam Hand Cream to Perfumed Dry Oil for the body. Thus, the must-have for this spring season becomes the Huile de Camélia line, made from camellia seed oil, known in Japan as the “beauty secret of geishas.” Appreciated for its emollient and natural antibacterial properties, which regenerate the deep tissues, the camellia oil gives the skin softness and constant brightness over time. The product range RNC 1838 Bio-Cosmétique Huile de Camélia, thanks to the high content of unsaturated oils expertly combined with Vitamins A, B and E, high nutritional effect has an effective anti-aging action preventing the onset of unsightly stretch marks. Bain & Douce Crémeux Bio-Hydratante Relaxante, by virtue of its creamy formulation, full-bodied and ultra – rich, is also recommended for sensitive skins (500 ml – € 22,50). Créme Corps Bio-Puri Active Anti-Age is a body cream that combines the exceptional moisturizing and nourishing with the extraordinary ability relaxing and rejuvenating action Oil Camelia: for a toned, soft and extremely smooth skin(200 ml  – € 35,00). Créme –Baume pour les Mains Bio – Hydratante Relaxante creates a glove on the hands that protects, and hydrates keeping velvety long (100 ml – € 16.50). Finally here Eau bio – Hydratante Relaxante pour le Corps, scented water, low-alcohol, with extraordinary energizing. It gives the skin a new beauty, protecting it and freeing it from stress. The Camelia enveloping notes of lily of the valley with fresh accents creates an atmosphere of sweet relaxation (100 ml bottle – € 35.00).

Cod. 1363 Acqua Bio-Idratante 100ml-lw   Cod. 1163 Olio in Crema-Doccia 500ml-lw

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