3_Architects Party_2016_MYGG Architecture credits Luca Trevisani                                1_ArchitectsParty 2016_Principioattivo credits Luca Trevisani
During the Biennale of Architecture in Venice, in July, form 5th to 8th, it will take place the ArchitectsParty 2016 third stage, exclusive aperitifs in architectural firms in Italy and Europe. The itinerant event, the format of which has been designed by Towant agency, will lead fans of the industry and those who work within to know Venetian studies that operate at international level, to explore creative location and to meet personally the architects and their work. The 2016 edition, that has kicked off with Turin and Milan, after Venice will stop in Florence, Rome, London and Amsterdam + Rotterdam. A new feature in 2016 are the ArchitectsPartyAwards, which reward the most exciting evening or the most charming mounting.
0_ArchitectsParty 2016 credits Luca Trevisani

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