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From April 2016, embark on an epicurean journey with 147 classics from the COMO Shambhala kitchens, taking you from the Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean to the mountains of Bhutan, with The Pleasures of Eating Well: Nourishing Favourites from the COMO Shambhala Kitchen. Each recipe has been meticulously re-configured to introduce the group food philosophy  to home cooks. The cuisine is based on the theory that a proper healthy diet avoid calorie counting but instead requires enjoyable food, intelligent portions, variety and balance. The recipes therefore focus on a perfectly calibrated mix of raw and cooked ingredients with specific nutritional purposes. The resulting dishes please the palate while helping to boost concentration and energy, balance blood sugar levels, and cleanse the body from the outside in. The cookbook includes recipes such as freshwater crayfish and pomelo salad from Thailand and fragrant pumpkin and tempeh curry from Indonesia. Other dishes are built around star ingredients reflecting seasonal bounty from the group destinations, such as the prized matsutake mushrooms, from the Himalayan forests around COMO’s Bhutanese hotels, lending their aroma and texture to carpaccio of yak.  The Pleasures of Eating Well is available at all major bookstores, online at or in Singapore at Como Shambhala Urban Escape (

Credits: Como Hotels and Resorts

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