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Beautiful like no other country in the world and incredibly romantic. So foreigners see Italy, a favorite destination not only for leisure but also for wedding tourism. About 8% of the 44 million tourists who visit each year Italy became married, celebrate anniversaries or enjoy the beautiful country during the honeymoon. And of course they choose the best facilities ranging: from luxury hotels to villas, from gourmet restaurants to the castles that adorn Tuscany, Lombardy, Campania, Veneto and Lazio, the most popular Regions for the wedding day. Foreign demand is constantly growing, especially by those who come from Great Britain, US or Australia. The brand Italy Inspires responds to such a demand with Italian excellence in all areas of wedding tourism, to launch Italy on International markets as a prime destination for luxury weddings. By Andrea Naar Alba, Italy Inspires aims to become the benchmark among the most qualified international demand for wedding and the best Italian offer, involving industry professionals. A B2B project whose first event was held in early October at CastaDiva Resort & Spa, Blevio, the lonely property on Lake Como authorized to perform marriages in a civil ceremony that have legal value, without having to go first in the Municipality. For the occasion, the famous floral designers of international fame Karen Tran presented to the audience of wedding professionals from around the world the latest trends in the most accurate and refined floral design, primary corollary in setting spectacular and classy weddings.
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