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From its Milan’s pastry, the famous chef Ernst Knam presents a catalogue of unique products of their kind for Christmas . In the foreground of course the classic panettone, together with the unleavened one with pears and chocolate, the Venetian and the Knamettone, which in its 2016 edition has a garment Total White: covered with white chocolate, containing aloe vera, lime and yuzu, it is produced in limited edition to ensure the uniqueness of taste experience. As for his amazing chocolate creations, the series The Christmas Tree is decorated with a tree made with dark, milk and white chocolate and decorated with gold leaves, which proposes once again the most popular and beloved Ernst Knam sweet pastry, the Three Chocolates Mousse. Do not miss the Santa Claus in dark chocolate, white chocolate penguin, sledge dragées, and the minnows of world Knemo, beloved by children. Every Christmas sculpture by Chef Ernst Knam is handmade in workshops dedicated in Via Anfossi. Not only sweet: with gourmet panettone, Knam contains his experience in the salty catering by three recipes. A vegetarian version, a seafood and a cold cuts one, all ideal to accompany the holidays menu.

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