It works all over the world. From Melbourne to New York, from London to Paris. And, of course, in Italy too. What’s the point? To find a life partner to the world  upper class lonely hearts.

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They are lawyers, high finance professionals, chief executive officers, enterprisers and aristocrats highly interested in finding the right people with whom  spending the best time of their life. And for this reason they trust in Berkeley, the most exclusive  specialist elite dating agency for lonely hearts, set up in Great Britain almost ten years ago and recently landed in Italy. With an entry fee that starts from 15.000 euros, the first selection is made from the income. Of course to avoid that the love search could be a personal property hunting! 5.000 members in the world, many of them in Great Britain, whose identity is protected by a strictest discretion and privacy .This is why the  interview offices are secret. And the happy end is guaranteed!

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What about Italian people who choose Berkeley?

We are talking about people, mostly women, whose yearly income starts from 150k euros. They are mainly devoted to their jobs. Otherwise only extra luxury holidays in the most exclusive resorts and selected restaurants. Men love skiing, playing golf, gym and sailing too. And they hope to find a woman to share their passions. Women says they don’t like cooking. So Masterchef men, it’s your turn!! Happiness and  levity, intended as being able to laugh, to have fun and to approach every day with positive thoughts and great bravery, are the good points claimed by everyone, men and women. Italian men are perceived as serial unfaithful by Italian women as English women love them a lot. British men are hardly attracted by Italian women, mainly by Tuscan ones. Generally forty and fifty women love sensitive and polite men. No chance for alcohol and smoking lovers!!

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Something about the selection

First of all, you must keep in mind that Berkeley is the anti-Tinder par excellence. On line you ‘ll find nothing. No photos, no profiles. After some interviews to know the person in every detail, of course in strict discretion, the elite dating agency promises a minimum of 8 meetings yearly, among which you can hope to make the crash date with your soul mate. Who could live in the other side of the world, since the agency has many offices abroad. We can’t know who are the clients of Berkeley International but rumors talk about Hugh Grant. Liz Jones, ex editor of the English woman’s fashion magazine Marie Claire is the only client who confessed: she told to the Daily Mail journal to have met the number one of a US bank, a very rich fund manager and  a very famous politician in London. Credits: Berkeley International Info:

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