How can be luxury an Ikea furniture? The question is not so illogical, especially if it comes after a period of visits to one of the store in which resisting the purchasing is an exercise in superhuman effort.
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You know, the Swedish furniture company Ikea is made to be mounted by those who buy it and the material is not fine. But, of course, it is not always luxurious that it costs, whether for luxury means the uncontrollable desire to have something to feel better. At Ikea it happens, because the designers are in stock to entice to believe in their inventions. For example: you know that the recycled plastic bottles now has become doors to the kitchens? Exactly in these days Ikea launches KUNGSBACKA, the first front for kitchen made by wood and recycled plastic. All thanks (and thanks to an Italian provider) to a plastic sheet made from PET bottles. Marco Bergamo, responsible for developing the project worked out by 3B, explains: “We found a way to turn plastic bottles used in a foil that is applied to the front. The biggest challenge was to create a recycled laminate which had the same quality requirements of the virgin material. We are committed to find a solution without compromise nor in terms of quality nor the price. “To coat the surface of a black front KUNGSBACKA of 40×80 cm we used 25 plastic half-liter bottles, which are processed with recycled wood for the final composition. “We must learn to use intelligently the planet’s resources – says Anna Granath, product developer of Ikea -: we are studying new ways to reuse materials such as paper, fiber, foam and plastic.” The result is in the photos you can see on this page. If you have to buy a kitchen and images will make you desire to have it, then yes, this is luxury.

Credits @Ikea

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