Pacifique Herbal Infusion makes the tea experience a daily and trendy event. To rejuvenate with infusions 100% bio smelling of harmony.
pacifique herbal infusion               pacifique herbal infusion
Daniel Mkongo, young Creative Director of Pacifique Herbal Infusion, has no doubts: every day must open and close with calm and positivity. So, nothing better than sipping a drink that immediately makes the atmosphere, which creates harmony since its preparation and that reconnects us with the pleasures of life. The Pacifique HI brand was born as well, by the desire to make the tea experience a daily occurrence, to live and share. And at a distance of less than a year since its launch, Pacifique HI counts 25 partners only in Lugano – where Daniel was born and where was born his idea – including restaurants, lounges, spa, hotel, as well as participation in various events related to food, wellness and lifestyle. The secret? Premium quality and biologically certified
pacifique herbal infusion               pacifique herbal infusion
herbal and teas and infusions prepared in Switzerland exclusively by hand, from collection to mixing to packaging. And it is precisely the quality to permeate the entire brand. Starting with the careful research and selection of raw materials, Daniel proposes infusions allowing to “create a meeting point between body and mind, both in winter to keep warm, in the summertime for freshen. In short, a real experience – explains – a philosophical choice that includes love for oneself”. The choice of partners is studied in detail and there is no mass distribution, much better a small concept store, because “our infusions are not simple teas but a real lifestyle.” On request we have created personalized and unique brews, but Pacifique HI proposes three main mixtures to
pacifique herbal infusion                     pacifique herbal infusion
satisfy every palate and every need. Good Morning, ideally in the morning to awaken all the senses, it is a blend of black tea Golden Yunnan OP, black tea Assam Southern India, cornflowers, blackberry leaves, natural aroma of bergamot, strawberry and blackcurrant. In the evening you can relax with Loving Life, containing lemongrass, blackberry leaves, apple, hibiscus, mango, pineapple and natural aroma of pineapple, papaya, lemon. Those who need to cleanse or detoxify can choose Purity, composed of China Sencha green tea, lemongrass, mint green, green mate and natural aroma of lemon, lime, tangerine. Also excellent as a gift thanks to an elegant bottle with speaker that blends into any environment. (
pacifique herbal infusion                                 pacifique herbal infusion

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