Italian Volt introduces Lacama, the first custom electric motorcycle that offers high-end design with great performance and exclusive features for the luxury segment.
Lacama               Lacama
The future motorcycle? It is quiet and eco-friendly and still offers high performance. In a word, Lacama, a status symbol dedicated to people who love challenges and innovation. The first prototype electric custom motorcycle has been created by Italian Volt, innovative start-up founded in 2014 by the IT-sector businessman Nicola Colombo, the bike industry manager Valerio Fumagalli and the designer Adriano Stellino. Mission: to take the electric motorcycle market to the next level, providing bikers with a custom made “e-motorcycle” that offers unparalleled technology, design and driving experience. Lacama is a Roadster that boasts inspired design and unique technology solutions. Its performance is similar to the best gas-powered bikes, going from 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds. The battery can be charged in 40 minutes and has 180-kilometre autonomy. A team of
Lacamaengineers and designers lead by Enrico Pezzi dedicated 6,000 hours to building the first Lacama, that will be produced in a limited edition and available by reservation only (pre-ordering begins September 2017 on – approximate price € 35,000). Each bike is the unique personal creation of its own rider. The body of the bike is designed and created using a 3D printer; each of the 12 components is available in five different versions and a variety of colours. The customization possibilities are almost unlimited. Italian Volt’s design centre can also create special handcrafted projects for customers. Technology is in Italian Volt’s DNA: the bike is connected to a mobile application which allows the driver to monitor the charging status, check the bike’s location and adjust settings remotely. The biker can also customize the riding experience through different riding profiles. Lacama brings also patent pending solution to maximixe the battery life and ranges.
Lacama               Lacama

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