Piave 1938 100% Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, featured in the sixth edition of MasterChef Italy, is cold pressed from the very finest, carefully selected olives, sourced strictly from Central and Southern Italy.

Piave 1938 OilPiave 1938 Oil

Piave 1938 Oil pays tribute to a region crossed by the Piave River, and the deep-rooted tradition of careful and skilful oil production developed by the Dal Sasso Family since 1938.  One tablespoon of this oil provides optimal levels of omega-9 that help keep blood cholesterol levels under control. Piave 1938 contains vitamin E and polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that protect cells from ageing caused by oxidative stress, and also help keep the oil fresh. With its fragrant, rich flavour, this Extra Virgin Olive Oil enhances and accompanies both hot and cold dishes, the perfect addition to vegetables, soups, grilled meats and fresh salads. With a stylised, clean graphic, the simple and refined bottle offers a nod to the historic “Piave oil mill”. Piave 1938 special edition 100% Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available from Eataly and Coop Alleanza 3.0 stores. Credits: Masterchef

Piave 1938 Oil Piave 1938 Oil

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