The Great Italian Cuisine matchless in Milan with Italian Gourmet, May 6th to 10th at Superstudio Più in Via Tortona.
Italian GourmetItalian GourmetItalian GourmetItalian Gourmet
They will be as many 21 the Stars at the center of Italian Gourmet, one of the highlights of the first edition of the Milan Week & Food. Five days dedicated to the great Italian culinary tradition during which 17 of the best starred Chef will delight the audience not only with their culinary interpretations but also through master classes, events, conferences, for a trip to 360 degrees between the roots of haute cuisine. Thanks to the presence of other great chefs, the most established pastry chefs, the most prestigious
Italian GourmetItalian GourmetItalian GourmetItalian Gourmet
critics and food and raw materials experts and the most qualified companies, they then discover a contemporary of the great classics of Italian tradition, to know its history and secrets, to learn how to play them and of course taste them. Italian Gourmet will be divided into five thematic areas. Chef à porter will be the area in which the 17 star chefs involved will offer the public 17 great classics of Italian cuisine reinterpreted in a contemporary way. Presented in version finger / taste to taste on the spot, they

can eventually be purchased in “whole portion” in special and elegant box to take home. Some examples? Panzanella by Pietro Leemann, Dumpling potatoes by Emanuele Scarello, Yellow rice by Claudio Sadler, Pasta to the sauce dad by Pino Cuttaia, Vitello tonnato by Walter Ferretto, the Fregola by Luigi Pomata and many others. In the Arena of the food here is Masterclass and cooking shows dedicated exclusively to modern reinterpretations of the classics of Italy, with its products and its raw materials. To the 17 starred chefs present other prestigious professionals of the Italian culinary scene will alternate. Agorà will be a rich program of
Italian GourmetItalian GourmetItalian GourmetItalian Gourmet
meetings, talks, cultural debates dedicated to the world of cooking and contamination with fashion, culture, design, communications. Among the speakers who will take turns on the stage there will also be Italian Gourmet Enrico Bartolini, Chiara Maci, Iginio Massari, Davide Oldani. Literary Café is the “living room” of Italian Gourmet, an intimate space where to attend book presentations, meet the protagonists of the event, participate in guided tastings. Finally, the Market of excellence will be the area where you can discover, buy and taste gourmet products and rarities. (Info:
Italian Gourmet   Italian Gourmet   Italian Gourmet

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