Quality, tradition and social responsibility in the collections of Crafted Society, a new brand of clothing and accessories that combines luxury and ethics with 100% made in Italy.
Crafted Society               Crafted Society
The ambition is to become the world leader in New Luxury. But Crafted Society does it in its way, joining in a single brand luxury and ethics, fashion and sustainability, profit and dignity. A luxury fashion that changes the system and that, starting from the excellence of Italian handicrafts, honors its claim “Luxury for Good”. An idea born by the visionary mind of British entrepreneur Martin Johnston, who after years of experience at the top of the fashion world has decided to put into practice the binomial luxury and social responsibility together with his wife Lise Bonnet, cofounder and Creative Director of the brand. A luxury that express itself in high quality finishes and dresses made by the best craftsmen in Italy, with which Crafted Society stipulates transparent and direct sales agreements, who sign each piece of product for the brand, thus recognizing in fact the value of the work and its author. An enterprise model that starts out from Italy to be exported all over the world and whose novelty lies in the creation of a platform of craftsmen who are partners to make them become more and more protagonists and to pay tribute to the skilled manual that is handed over to generation In generation. And it is with the eyes always aimed at craftsmen who Crafted Society embodies his “Luxury for Good” philosophy, giving 5% of turnover to Italian non-profit organizations that share its
Crafted Societymission by signing specific agreements. So in 2017, in order to bear witness to its seriousness and to ensure the transfer of knowledge in craftsmanship to future generations, Crafted Society collaborates with the Cologni Foundation in Milan, started more than 20 years ago by Franco Cologni to preserve art as well as we know, but above all, to support the funding of apprenticeship programs with true Italian craftsmen. Apprenticeships that will be welcomed in the crafts companies that have made the collections of Crafted Society. “New Luxury for Good”, the first line of the brand, includes a range of men and women’s sneakers in the ’70s and’ 80s; a high-quality and finishing denim jeans that in both male and female versions takes its name from the tailors who pack it; an original version of the classic Panama hat, back to the Inca origin for the raw material and perfected in the best craftsmanship 100% “made in Italy”. And even a capsule collection of silk and cashmere scarves woven in Tuscany and made in a limited edition in 5 colors, signed by Roger Selden, the artist born in New York but now Milanese. The 5% of capsule collection sales are intended for the project of the Inter Campus (of the Football Club Internazionale Milano S.p.A), as part of the collaboration recently launched by the Crafted Society as partner of the project “Bosnia and Herzegovina”. The sale of the Crafted Society collections is made only through the international e-commerce www.craftedsociety.com
Crafted Society               Crafted Society

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