Skin always moisturized and sunburned even under the sunshine using the right products before, during and after exposure.
Sunshine               Sunshine
Miami Beach Suncare, the city’s official solar line, is enriched this year with a new product dedicated to the face. The latest born of the range is called Faces Sunscreen Lotion, a protective cream ideal for protecting skin-protection from the risks of sun exposure. Thanks to their “triple blend” formulation with Seaweed, Marine Cabbage and Coral Sea extracts, these suns are rich in antioxidants and are able to reduce redness and skin irritation, repair the cells and slow down the induced skin aging from UVA rays. The new product is available in two protection factors: SPF 30 and SPF 50, both broad spectrum. Miami Beach Suncare is also committed to returning to the city of Miami part of the sales revenue of the products to be used to safeguard the beaches and the awareness campaign on the importance of preventing and protecting the skin from damage caused by photo exposure.
Sunshine               Sunshine
In order to have a skin of golden and uniform color more quickly, Incarose has Maxi Bronze, a tanning accelerator that can be used even without the sun. The line consists of two facial and body products that, thanks to the 100% natural Tan Oleobooster active ingredient, increase melanin production and allow for a more intense and lasting natural tanning. Tanning faster thanks to the help of Argan Oil and Hyaluronic Acid, which, combined with other oils and vegetable extracts, take care of the skin nourishing and hydrating it. Maxi Bronze consists of a cream and a dry oil, both for face and body. Applied regularly a week before exposure they prepare your skin to get a perfect color even under the beach umbrella.
Sunshine               Sunshine
If you to rehydrate the skin after a full day in the sun, here is our rescue RNC 1838 4 Beauty Oil, a blend rich in nutrient antioxidants and fatty acids that give the skin fatigued the right hydrolipidic balance . Cocoa oil, which offers, among other things, an anti-cellulite action by strengthening and stimulating the skin, is a great moisturizer for the body. Baobab seed oil hydrates deeply by re-activating the vital functions of the cells and attenuating the appearance of wrinkles and giving skin skinny and softness. Macadamia oil, emollient and nutritious, prevents photo-aging. Sunflower oil, with its smoothing properties, nourishes the skin with its elasticity and splendor. Thanks to their creamy formulation, these vegetable oils represent a real cuddle for the skin and are available as Cremose Bath & Shower, Anti-Aging Body Soap and Body Cream.

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