Among the most demanding gifts there are definitely the scents, but with the ones we propose you can not go wrong.
Scents               Scents
A mysterious bouquet whose background is known for Haitian vetiver, guiacine and musk wood, with cedar wood reflexes. It is Pélargonium by Aedes de Venustas, signed by the famous parfumeur Nathalie Feisthauer, to its first collaboration with the Franco-New York brand. Among the head notes there are tangerine, sage salad, black pepper, sichuan pepper, green cardamom and bergamot of Calabria, leaving room for an Egyptian geranium heart, iris, carrot seeds and elemental resin. Distributed only in selected perfumes, Eau de Parfum 100 ml – € 215.00 (info:
Incident Diplomatique by Jovoy Parfumeur Parisien is an incredible provocation, with its daring adventures of scents such as mandarin, vetiver Haiti & Java, nutmeg, patchouli and sandalwood. Incident Diplomatique tells of unexpected and daring sensual desires. Eau de Parfum 100 ml – € 130,00, only in selected perfumeries (info:
Scents               Scents
The eclectic perfumer of Savona Marco Abaton makes homage to his city with unique fragrances that are a special gift. From the precious citrus, here is Chinotto Gourmand by Abaton, with intense and enthralling scents (€ 85.00) and Chinotto Dark, authoritative and elegant, with almost woody color (€ 85.00). Available at the best concept stores and niche scents, online at or at the showroom in Savona and at the New York branch, just steps away from the Empire State Building.
The selection of fragrances You First Pura Rinascita specially designed for Christmas envelops with intense, persistent and at the same time delicate and sensual notes of Eau de parfum accord and talc – Luxury edition, enclosed in a precious packing characterized by pink poppy and velvet ruby (€ 160.00 – 100 ml) or in a small chest to be taken with you: a gray case and a ruby ​​velvet clutch that enclose discreet and luxury elegance (€ 75.00 – 50 ml). But You First also thinks to home, with melodies of essences in three different olfactory accords – fig and talc, pepper and spice, leather and green olive – that emerge in the rooms through Candles made by a centenarian tradition ceramics factory accompanied by personalized matches (€ 70.00 the average size) also available as a mini candle set or in the 1.5 Kg Candle Luxury version. Finally, there is the Aromatic Spray contained in a transparent glass bottle that enhances the essence colors (€ 70.00 – 200 ml). In selected boutiques or online at the website
Scents            Scents

From the world cradle of the perfume Acqua di Firenze is the only perfume on the market that is based on the formula of the first scented modern water, the source of all the other scented waters. This is the scented water that Caterina de ‘Medici, using her personal perfumery, Renato Bianco, brought in the 16th century to the court of France.  In the showroom of Florence there is a selection of different creations, which can be grouped into various collections including the Gioielli, which also includes the Inferno perfume, inspired by Ron Howard’s homonymous film, or Homo Novus, La Bellezza dell’Amore Love and Arte in Natura, to which it’s added the new fragrance for the environment by the rather evocative name, Anima Mundi (

acqua di firenze acqua di firenze


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