Indispensable and valuable to enrich our delicacies, dressing must be chosen with care, focusing on quality and excellence.
Dressing         Dressing
Known since Roman times for its properties, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is one of the ambassadors of Italian gastronomic excellence in the world. Manicardi celebrates this ancient tradition for almost forty years and presents two novelties for Christmas. The Aceto Biologico Nero Elisir, characterized by a high density and sweetness, is obtained exclusively from grapes from organic farming. Just like in a flamboyant elixir, each drop contains all the magic of a place and a story where ancient traditions and precious flavors interweave (€ 27.00). For those who love the countless nuances of this unique specialty in the world, Manicardi proposes the Deluxe Selection, a precious 100 ml bottle tris that contains three different condiments to Balsamic Vinegar. Each of them has a different aging to offer gourmets a real journey in the immobile time of ancient Emilian art. Perfect as a Christmas cadeau, the Deluxe Selection is on sale in the best gastronomy and wine shops (€ 20.00). (Info:
And here we are with the King of dressing, Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Pujje is a real taste luxury, so much so that the Puglia company has created for Christmas many new and original gift proposals that will satisfy the most demanding conoisseurs. The excellent EVO oil produced in the heart of the Ionian Territories becomes a real jewel to be presented on the most elegant tables, thanks to the essential but sophisticated design of the bottles in which it is contained: white for Anfitrite, Pujje’s most delicate multicultivar variety, black for Rea, the most decided blend, both housed in an elegant box. For the most gourmand, there is another special gift: a package in which the pair of the two blends is matched with the Pandolivotto, naturally sweetened with Pasta Madre Viva oil EVO Pujje, with the famous Celline olives, created exclusively by the Pregiata Forneria Lenti in Grottaglie. The Swarovski version is a must-have version that will make crazy even the most incontinable addicted fashion. (Info and purchases:
Dressing         Dressing

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