Collections specially designed to give the body softness and nourishment in so many enveloping fragrances.
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The RNC 1838 line, featuring natural products dedicated to body care and well-being, introduces the Collection Rêve de Noël 2017, where traditional Christmas decorations are enhanced with innovative details, inspired by naturalness and excellence, always the founding values ​​of Maison Rancé 1795. There are 12 packs designed by RNC 1838 and divided into Chemises with Christmas Decoration, Coffret with Christmas Decor and Sac Magique de Noël (jute bag) large and small. The Chemises Rêve de Noël are decorated with Christmas motifs also used in the precious Coffret, and envelop the Phyto-Bath Shower (in 9 fragrances) of the Nature-Ecologie line (€ 17.50). In 3 variants with different scents, each Coffret Rêve de Noël is made up of assorted products from the Nature-Écologie line. Complete Coffret includes Phyto-Latte Body 250 ml (new line), Phyto-Bath Shower 500 ml & Phyto-Soap 150 gr in 2 fragrances (€ 22.50 – € 27.50 – € 32.50 depending on the composition ). In the name of the Maison’s natural and creative estrangement, the Sac Magique de Noël are depicted in 3 variants of color, each highlighted by organza and gros-grain ribbons. Small or large sizes are available in the following assortments: 1 Bio-Cosmétique Cremoso Bath & Shower; 1 vase Body Cream 200 ml Bio-Cosmétique; 3 soaps 150 gr Nature-Écologie (Respectively € 22.50 – € 35.00 – € 15.00).
In a limited edition, the new Christmas caskets dedicated by Caudalìe to body care include all the benefits of ingredients extracted from grapes and vines in the heart of the Bordeaux region, where the French cosmetics brand is based. The Body Moisturized box contains Body Care Balm and Creme Hands and Nails, rich in grape and shea butter. In the Thé des Vignes Box casket you find the Fresh Water, the Shower Gel and the Thé des Vignes Nutrient Body Treatment. Finally, the Eau des Vignes box is made up of Fresh Water, Shower Gel and Eau des Vignes Nutrient Body Treatment (€ 25.20 each casket).
Body             Body

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