How will 2018 be? Let’s find out together: a bit for fun, of course, but taking very seriously the advice of the stars when it concerns luxury destination. Happy New Year to all!
2018   2018   2018
2018 will be a busy year for Aries, who will have to contend with Saturn and Pluto against it. The recommendation is to be always reflective, cautious and cautious, because these two planets will ask you to develop awareness and avoid unnecessary conflicts. The good news is that from November the generous support of Jupiter will arrive, essential to close well the year. The advice of the stars is not to travel to distant destinations, but rather to discover the wonders of Italy, perhaps from a new point of view. So it will be ideal to stay in Palazzo Ruspoli, in the heart of the historical center of Florence, just a few steps from Piazza Duomo.
All the spotlight will be on Bull in 2018, the year of success in its best shape. It will not be about fighting to conquer new spaces but to make solid what you have already worked on to date. A sweet year, full of satisfaction, fueled by the magnificent trine of Saturn that, together with Pluto, will make you firm and determined. Saturn’s favorable position will also guarantee lasting success in work and when it comes to business stays, Space Hotels hotels are undoubtedly the best choice to impress your customers.
After years of fury by all the planets of the universe, the Gemini in 2018 will breathe a sigh of relief: Saturn has left for other shores and until May there will be Uranus to take care of you, including news and sudden turns. The news like this is that Neptune will continue to give you some annoyance, making you confused and uncertain, just try not to transfer these feelings in love because 2018 lends itself to be a year of freedom and lightness and both those who are in couple or single will learn a new way to love. Our advice is to not miss the chance of a magical journey on the Amalfi Coast: the Hotel Santa Caterina in Amalfi will be the right place to celebrate the love and the renewed serenity.
2018   2018   2018
A 2018 roller coaster ride for Cancer, who will alternate high peaks of excitement with as many downs of concern. Saturn arrives, demanding responsibility and commitment, but fortunately Jupiter and Neptune will help to react in the right way. Our advice is to follow the course of events and pay great attention to understand when it is convenient to stay still and when to act. A field in which certainly will act will be the trips: thanks to the Condé Nast Johansens guide, with over 550 hotels in 60 countries around the world, you can escape away from all to exotic and untouched places, real private islands in which to escape far away from the world and temples of wellness immersed in nature to recover you from up and down.
A year to be faced with the feet of lead opens for the Lion, who with Jupiter in Scorpio will have to be careful not to launch into bigger businesses than him. This will mean avoiding impulsivity in every field of life to turn towards a more moderate attitude, far from excesses. Even with regards to wellness, the same advice will be worthwhile: avoid food deficiencies and scrupulously check the intake of fats, sugars and alcohol. To do so with taste, our advice is to dine in one of the most exclusive restaurants in Florence: the Santa Elisabetta Restaurant inside the Hotel Brunelleschi. Guided by chef Rocco De Santis, he combines taste with the balance of ingredients, to give you an emotion (healthy) at every meal.
Starting 2018 with a great charge, friends of the Virgin: during this year you will recover all the determination necessary to welcome the revolutionary opportunities that will arise. The mood will be at its best and your usual concreteness will suggest you the best choices to make your practical and affective life stable. Serene, confident of yourself and with less worries, you can look to the future with confidence, especially in the field of love, where you will feel confident to face important choices such as marriage, children and cohabitation. And for those who have already a nice family? Our advice is to keep an eye on the Bimboinviaggio website, the best Italian portal when it comes to family holidays and Family Friendly Hotels!
2018   2018   2018
Dear Libra, it certainly cannot be said that you will be the luckiest of the zodiac in this 2018. Between Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries you will have to deal with continuous transformations and fundamental revisions It will be a year that will test you in every scope of your life. Fortunately, starting in November you will start to feel stronger, thanks to the passage of Jupiter in Sagittarius. There are wonderful places in the world and visiting them will help you. An example above all: the Maldives. Here, staying in the beautiful Hurawalhi Island Resort & Spa you will have time to think about yourself and regain your lost serenity.
In October 2017, Jupiter has made its grand entrance in the sign of Scorpio and 2018 will only confirm the success and satisfaction that you have begun to enjoy. In every field and under every point of view 2018 will see you in the front row, involved in happy loves, grappling with business successes, your finances will be on the rise and will pervade your physical and family well-being. Only Uranus from May to November will be in Taurus to upset your plans a bit. A year like this deserves only one more satisfaction, that of a nice trip! We advise you then to pack up and leave as soon as possible for Sicily, and to be precise towards Agrigento, where the Alba Palace will welcome you to show you the most authentic side of the region.
A substantially calm year, the one that opens in January for Sagittarius. You have been dating for years with the famous Saturn against and rightly you seem a bit ‘worried but we can console you from now saying that you will have your satisfactions. In particular you will record a great peak of emotions and an acceleration of the rhythm starting from November, when finally Jupiter will arrive in your sign. Do not rebel against the progress of things by trying to rush events, but let yourself be carried away with serenity throughout the year. To accept more slowly the slow peace that will involve you, plan immediately a visit to Lisbon, a city that fully embodies this spirit of calm melancholy in which you will feel down. So choose one of the five Heritage Hotels, suitable for all tastes. The romantic Janelas Verdes, the fascinating Solar Do Castelo, the classic Lisboa Plaza, the Brit in Art Deco style or the contemporary Av. Liberdade.
2018   2018   2018
After years of waiting it comes finally a year that sees your revenge, friends of Capricorn. Thanks to Saturn and Pluto in your sign you will feel strong and tenacious and Jupiter in Scorpio will give you the opportunities you have long awaited. Between May and November Uranus will also be in Taurus, ready to give you a first taste of the wonderful news that await you in the years to come! In a year of goals, why don’t give space to physical fitness? The landscape rich in contrasts of the Canton Ticino could be for you: as well as being the ideal stage for all winter sports lovers, the gentle shores of Lake Maggiore are the perfect place to walk and leave behind all the problems of the past years.
After a top 2017, the Aquarius will be called, in 2018, to withdraw their armies for a year dedicated to defense. The stars do not help you, it must be said, and that Jupiter in Scorpio does nothing but increase your feeling of insecurity. You will be short-tempered, jealous, insecure, but if you hold on in the autumn, things will certainly be the right way. Even in the work, despite the year should not be considered unfavorable, you will have to be very careful and move with caution when it comes to making choices, to say that little word too and above all … throw everything to the air because you think you deserve more! Try to make a moment of peace and fly to Croatia, indulging in the luxury of a stay at Kempinski Hotel Adriatic, the first luxury hotel in Croatia with a spa, golf course and private beach.
Last but not least, Pisces! In 2018 you can finally say goodbye to all the weight of the past years because this will definitely be your year. Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus will be your best allies from May to September: you will feel strong, determined, self-confident and ready to take everything you want from life. Love will see you happy and in love, work successfully engaged and even health will be in full recovery. What can we advise you more? There is only to celebrate! Then treat yourself to a dinner in the starred restaurant of the Grand Hotel Principe di Piemonte, a historic and prestigious hotel overlooking the seafront of Viareggio. A dream spa and the Piccolo Principe Michelin bi-starred restaurant will pamper you as you deserve.
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