It opens in Modica the world’s first chocolate refining cellar for a fragrant and dense product with special flavors.
Chocolate       Chocolate
Alongside the traditional categories that we all already know, here comes the refined chocolate, a new and stimulating adventure that will meet the taste even of the most demanding palates. The idea is of the entrepreneur Simone Sabaini whose name has become, through his company Sabadì, the synonym of the Modica chocolate of excellence. The chocolate is then “perfumed” through a natural process of aging: thanks to its fat component, the cocoa spontaneously absorbs the aromatic notes of which it is surrounded. A complex technique to be implemented, which provides for the refinement of raw and semi-finished material in different stages and which results in a chocolate full of aroma but without the solid component from which the characterizing aroma comes from. The types of aging proposed by Sabadì are 7, all in limited editions: tobacco, tea, flowers, herbs, spices, resins,
Chocolateand barriques. From the very rare Perique and Latakia tobaccos, passing through the myrrh and the precious Ethiopian olibanum, to the smoked Chinese teas or toasted mate and continuing with the mandarin orange peelings gathered in the company’s citrus or the barrique woods imbued with the finest wines and distillates in the world. All natural elements carefully selected, each with different characteristics, in order to obtain a variety that ranges from the most delicate to the strongest and most daring essences. The refining cellar is also a place for tasting, an educational and experiential space for visitors who want to not only taste but also know more closely the techniques and ingredients used. Chocolate is contained in elegant metal boxes, designed to guarantee a perfect aromatic migration, without dispersion (info:
Chocolate       Chocolate

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