Italian entrepreneur and pastry chef Elisa Rizzi’s high quality pizza lands in the USA with Mother Dough. With a 48-hour natural leavening process, her signature pizza is highly digestible and tasty

MotherDough MotherDough

MotherDough is a new, Italian-owned and Italian-operated pizza place in the heart of Brooklyn’s Park Slope: the venue was inaugurated on 72 7th Avenue, under the guidance of Italian entrepreneur and pastry chef Elisa Rizzi. Born in 1982, Elisa studied with the greatest Italian teachers before moving to New York in 2015 with a project: bringing high quality pizza culture to  the United States. Elisa approached pastry making 10 years ago, under Iginio Massari, Piergiorgio Giorilli and Giuliano Pediconi’s guidance. Her goal is to transfer Italian Pastry Chefs and Bakers’ expertise overseas. After studying at Italian culinary school Castalimenti, Elisa worked as pastry chef at The Four Season Restaurant and Gotham Restaurant in New York; she then made her entrepreneurial dream come true with MotherDough. Using whole meal flour, cereals and mother yeast, Elisa has succeeded in creating a special dough whose leavening process takes two whole days. Elisa’s mother yeast is 10 years old and originates from Master Baker PiergiorgioGiorilli’s 50 year-old mother yeast. The outcome is surprising: a light, easy to digest pizza garnished with local, in-season quality ingredients endowed with some Italian imported PDO delicacies such as Prosciutto Crudo di Parma, Grana Padano and Pesto alla Genovese.

MotherDough MotherDough

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