To benefit fully from the summer, we must protect our skin and hair from sunlight. Here are some tips to shine under the sun.
Summer       Summer

  • Daily beauty routine to prepare for summer
    Protecting our skin is an operation to be done every day of the year. For this Dia Beauty® by DiaVita® has created products for the daily beauty routine with protection from UVA and UVB rays for the face, the part most exposed to sunlight. The Nourishing Day Cream with UVA and UVB filters Dia Beauty No. 1 contains mulberry extracts that counteract pigmentation and 8 active ingredients that protect the skin from harmful rays in combination with olive oil and argan for instant hydration (€ 33 , 00); Water Mist Refreshing Dia Beauty® n ° 6, with Kiwi extract that refreshes the skin and counteracts the pigmentation, is instead a moisturizing spray designed for all skin types. Ideal as a tonic before applying the face cream, it is perfect to give freshness and relief to the face on hot sunny days (€ 15.00).
    From the research Resultime there is Soin microdermabrasion quartz and vitamin E, which eliminating dead cells prepares the skin of the face to the sun exposure and allows to obtain a golden and lasting tan. With a creamy and light texture with a pleasant scent of flowers and green tea, it gives a special hydration when the skin needs it most (€ 29.50 the 50 ml format).
  • More toned skin
    In summer, the neck and décolleté area is definitely in the foreground, which is why Resultime proposes the Crème Cou & Décolleté, a specially formulated treatment able to combine the anti-aging action of the vectorized Microcollagen with five specific active ingredients for a targeted action on the five signs of premature aging. The creamy texture with a delicate powdery floral scent is quickly absorbed and guarantees immediate results: after just one hour the skin is perfectly hydrated and protected (€ 52.50 the 50 ml size).
    Summer       Summer
  • The right protection for every type of skin
    Sensitive and reactive skin in the sun? There is the new Lichtena® Dermosolari inspired by dermatological guidelines for specific products for the correct photoprotection of adults and children. Lichtena® Dermosolari Face Cream SPF 30 is a fluid cream with a soft texture resistant to water and “Nickel Tested” enriched by the exclusive ELIOSAN3 Complex which, thanks to its active ingredients, has a triple anti-andrising, moisturizing and antioxidant action (€ 20, 50 the 50 ml tube).
    Isdin, Spanish dermatological laboratory leader in the development of innovative textures to protect itself from the sun, revolutionizes the photoprotection of the face with Fotoprotector Isdin SunBrush Mineral, the new 100% mineral photoprotector to always carry with you for a protected skin, smooth and wrinkle free, 365 days year. Thanks to the handy pocket size and the ultra-light texture that adapts to any type of complexion and make-up, it protects from the sun’s rays and matifies in a single gesture, while at the same time protecting the skin against polluting agents (€ 29.90).
    Summer       Summer
  • Beautiful, strong and voluminous hair
    Planet Pharma introduces My Hair, an exclusive line composed of four intensive masks with formulas enriched with plant extracts and natural ingredients, practical, easy to use and immediately visible results: Nourishing mask for dry and dull hair, Regenerating for damaged hair, Illuminating and protective color for colored and treated hair and softening conditioning for frizzy and rebellious hair (€ 5.90 single-dose pack).
  • Perfect makeup even in summer
    Fast & Liner Pen by Paolap is a waterproof pen eyeliner, with a thin felt tip, with a decided and intense stroke, for an impeccable and long lasting result. Easy to apply, it dries quickly and is easily corrected, thus allowing even the less experienced hands to draw precise lines. Thanks to its waterproof formulation, Fast & Liner Pen is the ideal product for the summer because it is resistant to water, rubbing, perspiration and high temperatures (€ 20.90). Dreamy Eyebrow is instead a waterproof eyebrow gel versatile, easy to use, which makes the eyebrows thicker, voluminous and well defined. Available in colors n. 01-blond, n. 02.castano clear and n. 03.cast dark (€ 19.90).
    Cover photo credits: @MontegalloHats
    Summer           Summer

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