From  October the 19th to the 21 at the Museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo da Vinci” in Milan Berkel celebrates its 120th anniversary with a very special journey through time.

berkel berkel

It is called “Berkel 1898-2018. A Slice Odissey “and it is the exhibition with which the brand that created the legendary Red flywheel slicer celebrates this year no less than its 120th birthday. A slicer as a work of art, but also an unusual “spacecraft” through which to travel in time through six twenties, from 1898 to 2018.
And it is to her, to the legendary flywheel that Berkel dedicates this unpublished exhibition designed to tell the story of an object that has become a masterpiece of precision, craftsmanship and design.
The exhibition – open to the public – is also an opportunity to retrace the history of the last century through “the Berkel” that does not undergo changes in time, but follows them while remaining true to itself: avant-garde yesterday, vintage today, the Flywheel of Berkel is a timeless myth with a timeless charm. For this reason the path was designed as an installation, not a simple static display of objects, but a real immersive experience in History with a capital S and in the history of Berkel and the Flywheel. The protagonist of this journey, an orbiting station that travels in time as the bone of “2001: A Space Odyssey” is the B114, the iconic model that still identifies the Berkel style: refined vintage design, mechanical precision, excellent manufacturing. Six twenty-year-olds are thus told by six Flywheel B114 interpreted by an artist as real works of art: unique pieces decorated by hand that evoke every twenty years through colors, symbols, iconic images, graphic motifs. And what location if not the National Museum of Science and Technology entitled to the greatest genius of history could accommodate an exhibition dedicated to a daily object that comes from a brilliant intuition: mechanically reproduce a manual movement to make it perfect. “Berkel 1898-2018. A Slice Odissey “is therefore a synaesthetic journey that will involve the visitor with visual, sound and spatio-temporal stimuli to explore the world of Berkel, admire its precision mechanics and learn through genesis, study and design through drawings, photos and testimonies. craftsmanship that led to the creation of a perfect instrument.

berkel berkel

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