During the week of Italian cuisine in the world, from November the 19th to the 25th, a great venture to support Genoa and Liguria region

Pasta Pesto Day Pasta Pesto Day

Following the tragedy of the collapse of the Morandi Bridge on  August the 14th, all the Ligurian institutions are engaged in infrastructural actions to bring Genoa and the Region back to situations of lesser criticality. From the beginning there have been many offers of help and support towards a universally recognized wonderful and fragile city, as in the songs of De André. Thus was born the idea of ​​the communication and fundraising campaign called “Pasta Pesto Day” with the dual objective of relaunching a positive and welcoming image of the Ligurian territory and raising funds in favor of the current account of the Municipality of Genoa for the emergency of August the 14th. Since the combination of territory and food has always been the combination of strength for tourism promotion, Pasta Pesto Day will coincide with the Week of Italian Cuisine in the World that will take place November from the 19th to the 25th , thus linking the gesture of solidarity to the direct experience of a pasta dish with pesto, an icon of Ligurian enogastronomy at an international level. For each dish consumed 2 euros will be donated to Genoa, 1 euro from the restaurant and 1 euro from the customer. The initiative is aimed at all restaurateurs in Italy and Italian restaurateurs in all the countries of the world who can join by registering here: www.pastapestoday.it.

Pasta Pesto Day Pasta Pesto Day

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