For her, for him and unisex too: giving or giving off a perfume is never commonplace. As long as they are seductive perfumes like the ones we offer you.
Seductive perfumes       Seductive perfumes
Handcrafted in Italy by master leatherworkers and available in different colors with elegant shades, the new and precious Rancé 1795 Pochettes represent the extra touch of charm to contain precious gifts and seductive perfumes. For example the two new fragrances of the Maison, Élise & Le Roi Empereur, eau de parfum of the Collection Impériale line (Pochette € 48.00 – Eau de Parfum: 50 ml – € 94.00 and 100ml – € 134.00). But also the delicious natural products of the RNC 1838 line, dedicated to the care and well-being of the body, which also offers numerous Coffrets de Noël, boxes with imaginative reinterpretations of joyful Christmas motifs in three coordinated colors: Étoile de Noël (forest green), enriched from the flowers of Christmas stars; Pomme de Pin (blue cloud), with an articulated intertwining of fir branches and pine cones; Holly (garnet red), with pretty branches and holly berries. The Collection Noël also includes an exclusive novelty: the 100% Vegetable Soap Bar with natural extracts (Bar of 1 Kg – € 24.00).
Seductive perfumes

To celebrate the magnificent history of the Maison, which in 2017 celebrated 20 years of success, Il Profvmo has once again presented some iconic fragrances, to try or to rediscover. For Christmas, a very welcome gift will certainly be Patchouli Noir, a symbolic and mysterious fragrance that marks the meeting between East and West. A universal essence, for men and women, which reveals a unique mélange between notes boisées and spicy resins. Rich in the heart of aromatic woods and spices, Patchouli Noir is an engaging scent that explodes in the exotic depths of the patchouli but expresses an unexpected freshness with notes of cedar wood and an enveloping sweetness with hints of vanilla (Eau de parfum spray 50 ml € 98.00 – 100ml € 129.00). Il ProfVmo, part of the prestigious Valmont Group, is distributed in Italy in selected stores and perfumeries by Dispar.
Seductive perfumes           Seductive perfumes
Enclosed in an elegant golden casket, Hysteric is the latest among the seductive perfumes of Gold Label, the most prestigious collection by Laurent Mazzone Parfums. An extrait de parfum characterized by warm spicy gourmand notes, a hypnotic jus that enchants the senses. The top notes of mandarin, bergamot and cardamom give way to a heart of jasmine, fresh rose, notes of tiramisu and whiskey, while the base notes are characterized by patchouli, coffee seeds and cocoa beans. Available in Italy in the artistic perfumeries exclusive dealers. (Extrait de Parfum 100ml – € 395.00).
One year after the release of Delina, Parfums de Marly introduces for Christmas Delina Exclusif, a highly exclusive version of the fragrance carved around a floral arrangement dominated by the Turkish rose, but also with lily of the valley and peony. The basic idea of ​​the new fragrance is indeed to offer an even richer interpretation of the composition, introducing more mysterious, intense and sensual notes. The casket that contains Delina Exclusif is the classic bottle of the Parfums de Marly feminine
Seductive perfumes       Seductive perfumes
fragrances revisited in powder pink version and embellished with silver details that underline the modernity of this fragrance (75 ml – € 225.00). For him there is Percival, a modern and refined perfume whose name evokes the legendary thoroughbred of “The Knights of the Round Table.” In a delicate balance of citrus and aromatic notes on a woody base, the latest addition to Parfums de Marly is a fresh, sensual and refined “marine” fragrance created by the founder of Parfums de Marly Julien Sprecher in close collaboration with Hamid Merati-Kashani, humanist perfumer and talented nose of the Maison Firmenich. It is a new work of art set in a royal blue jewel surmounted by a triangular cap in chrome-plated zamak (€ 210.00) The Parfums de Marly brand is distributed in Italy by Finmark and can be purchased online in the goldOclock e-boutique.
To sublimate and honor the most loved holiday of the year, which brings with it a warm and sparkling atmosphere, there is Cookiecrunch of Coquillete Paris, which falls well on the list of seductive perfumes. A precious coffer that contains a swirl of sweetness. Crispy cookie crumbs and pasty-colored meringue combine with the lively effervescence of citrus accords. A sweet and unusual alchemy of smoky caramel and cream. A dense and bubbling candor in which pulpy vanilla pods release their delicious aroma. Cookiecrunch is a gourmand fragrance, greedy and fluffy like freshly baked short pastry, with a warm and irresistible heart. An extract of perfume that, starting from “simple” notes, offers a unique and sublime blend. Cookiecrunch is part of the Coquillete n° 7 collection and is created handcrafted in Italy as well as all Coquillete Paris references (Extrait de Parfum Unisex 100ml – € 130.00).
Seductive perfumes       Seductive perfumes

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