At Boul & Co. the most iconic products of the Italian gastronomic tradition meet the Hawaiian bowl to give life to delicious and modern menus.
Boul   Boul   Boul
Colorful, fun and tasty dishes. Indeed, bowls. Because they are the undisputed protagonists of the table of Boul & Co., an innovative cuisine concept in which the containers that welcome the dishes represent the perfect synthesis of the encounter between East and West. To be precise, between that Orient that bases its diet on rice, fish and vegetables and that Italianity made of excellences of the territory such as burrata, Parmigiano Reggiano, Sicilian extra virgin olive oil, the capers of Salina, the Taggiasca olives , the datterini or the red shrimp of Mazara. So, the menu of the first Milanese bowl bar – eco-friendly and welcoming, played in shades of green and oak, with 23 seats inside and 15 in the dehors – can propose 4 main sections: Boul, Soup, Fish Salad and Veggie Salad. There also are a list of Sweet Boul & Desserts for breakfast or to close a meal and 3 appetizing Bao – typical steamed Chinese sandwiches – filled with fish or vegetables, ideal for a quick break. To further enjoy playing with the flavors, there is the Sharing Menu for two people, which allows you to wander through the variety of proposals
Boulavailable by selecting 3 Boul to share. In addition to the fixed menu, for each season Boul & Co will propose a dedicated “product line” that will be identified with a color and will consist of four dishes: a “bowl”, a “fish salad”, a centrifuge and a “breakfast bowl”. If in spring the menu will be colored green, the summer will be dedicated to red, then leave space to autumn yellow and black / winter purple. About the bowls, unique specimens made for the occasion by Este Ceramiche Porcellane, they not only contain the delicacies of Hawaiian-Japanese-Italian style that are rigorously prepared at the moment by the kitchen, but they report on the bottom several “messages of luck” that play with irony around the word “boul” and that customers can only discover after eating all the content. At the same time, the same customers can participate in the initiative “La Boul dei desideri”, writing on a special card which sentence they would like to find at the bottom of their boul. Every month the most beautiful sentence will be painted on a new bowl, which will be a tribute to the author. The beverage offer revolves around freshly made centrifuges, teas, soft drinks, craft beers from the Milan Brewery, a selection of wines and the delicious “drip coffee”, perfect long coffee at any time of the day.
BOUL & CO. – Via Gaspare Rosales 1, Milano –
(Photo Credits @Beatrice Pilotto)
Boul       Boul

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