If sun, salt and chlorine have damaged skin and hair, don’t worry. With the right products there is the right remedy.
skin and  hair       skin and  hair
For the face skin
Siero Ozonidi
by Mc2 Cosmetics contains precious ozonizing oils that intervene on the skin structure, improving the oxygenation of the skin and protecting and repairing the cells thanks to its high antioxidant capacity (30 ml – € 110.00). The Maschera Bianca Purificante by Arangara is suitable for all skin types. Based on kaolin clay and a citrus vegetable complex, it contains antioxidant, purifying and sebum-regularizing properties (150 ml – € 55.00). Nutriage Oleoserum is the dry and silky oil-serum by Magistral Cosmetics, perfect for nourishing and helping to repair sun-strained skin. Based on melatonin encapsulated in dermoaffine vegetable oils, it gives a unique feeling of comfort. For an ultra-nourishing night treatment, just add a few drops in a Nutriage Cream hazelnut and apply a visible layer on the face, leaving it to act overnight (Oleoserum 30 ml – € 52.00; Cream 50 ml – € 50.00).
skin and  hair       skin and  hair
For body skin
‘s Olive and Rose body scrub exerts its exfoliating action and eliminates dead cells thanks to the pure Mediterranean salt powder, while essential oils leave the skin moisturized and smoothed for a long time (300 gr – € 65.00). Crema Hydra Relax Total Body by Mc2 Cosmetics is perfect for daily treatment. Full-bodied and enveloping, it is enriched with marine elastin and gingseng extract for a toning, elasticizing and firming action on the tissues, while the silk proteins give the skin softness (150 ml – € 50.00). Ètas Corpo by Cosmetici Magistrali is a body fluid with a firming, moisturizing and anti-aging action with a pleasant scent of myrrh; available on pharmacies as well as all the products of the brand (200 ml – € 39.50).
skin and  hair       skin and  hair
For the hair
The Trattamento Intensivo Capelli by Antos is a unique product with 13 functional elements that nourish, repair and strengthen the hair and treat the scalp giving shine and vitality. Ideal for colored, brittle hair, stressed by styling as well as for fine hair that breaks. (100ml – € 7.50). The new Skinius Fortiker line is entirely dedicated to hair wellness. Active Shampoo, Active Lotion and Active Mask are accompanied by the Fortiker.In food supplement to meet the needs of all hair types and improve the well-being of the hair.
skin and  hairFor him
, the luxury in beauty made in Switzerland, has created an anti-age line formulated exclusively for men and perfect for finding brightness and virility even in the skin. Bellefontaine for Men consists of 5 products based on Edelgen, a complex derived from edelweiss and translated into a unique formulation with a high concentration of flavonoids and tannins, with antioxidant, soothing and anti-aging properties. The line includes Sérum Lift Énergisant, which corrects imperfections and gives tone and brightness (30 ml – € 290.00); Emulsion Gel Hydratation Intense, which protects from atmospheric agents and smoothes the signs of dehydration (50 ml – € 210.00); Baume Aprés-Rasage Apaisant, ideal for dry and sensitive skin (50 ml – € 228.00); Crème Yeux Revitalisante (15 ml – € 255.00) and Gel Douche Deluxe au Subtil Néroli (200 ml – € 62.00).
skin and  hair       skin and  hair

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