A beauty gift to put under the Xmas tree? Why not … as long as they are special editions designed specifically for Christmas 2019.
Beauty gift
For Her
Minimalist design for a cosmetic masterpiece: “Tribute to Minimalism by Didier Guillon“, the 2019 limited edition of the Elixir des Glaciers Votre Visage, which celebrates the meeting between the noblest ingredients cultivated and harvested by Valmont in the Swiss mountains with the latest technologies patented by the Group. The Water of the Glaciers, rich in minerals, blends with the beneficial virtues of the Muscat rose, sea buckthorn and echinacea to regenerate, revitalize and fight skin aging. Decreased by the addition of Triple DNA and liposome RNA, this natural and scientific formula at the same time tightens the epidermis, smoothes the lines and leaves a glowing skin for a long time. And for Christmas 2019 the artist Didier Guillon (President of the Group and of the Valmont Foundation) has enclosed his cosmetic jewel in a luxurious lacquered wooden box enhanced by a design he himself created and that interprets the lines in their noble time, from Sol Le Witt, Franck Stella or Carl Andre. An elegant testimony of Didier Guillon’s admiration for his teachers (€ 610.00).
A miracle plant used for many centuries as a medicine has become the most popular drink in the world after water.
Beauty gift       Beauty gift
Teaology pays tribute to tea and its history with four precious packages for a new beauty gift, four elegant paper boxes with magnetic closure that enclose the most popular Teaology products. The Teaology Tea Book collection includes Matcha Tea Book, a best seller of perfect hydration and face protection from pollution and environmental stress which includes cream, scrub and eye mask (€ 39.00); Matcha Lemon Book, which contains an Eau de Toilette, a micellar Shower Gel for body and hair (€ 39.00); Black Rose Tea Book, with eau de Toiette and Shower Gel in an olfactory composition of fresh, floral and woody notes (€ 39.00); and White Tea Book, with Anti Age creams, facial scrub and eye mask (€ 64.00).
For Him
A really sought after beauty gift could be a voucher to use at the Marchina Hair Styling Barber Corner, the Beauty Atelier in the center of Milan that since 1972 has been the place of worship for every respectable gentleman. The center offers Man Care services with a focus on customization and attention to detail, to guarantee a service of authentic craftsmanship and experiences of pure relaxation, with facials made in conjunction with the shaving service. The top is certainly the Treatment Suite, man rituals within the Luxury Suite: here every treatment is enhanced by the exclusive Steam Wash system of the EDEN wash: a real SPA for hair thanks to the enveloping reclining chair with integrated massage, to aromatherapy , chromotherapy and hot steam that helps to convey the active ingredients in the best possible way (Milan, Corso Venezia 3).
Antos likes traditions and for this reason the brand thought of enclosing within a wooden casket three perfect references for all men, even those who are not “beauty addicted”. The Casket contains an energizing foam shower, a revitalizing shampoo and the limited edition Panettone Hand Cream: a delicate protective nourishing and dry emulsion with the same characteristics of the famous Antos hand cream but to which the fragrance of the typical Christmas cake. A useful and nice gift, with that “old style” touch that inevitably tears a smile (€ 22.00 the Casket).
Beauty gift       

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