Undecided about the right gifts for this Christmas? We offer you something really special, but also fun gifts and other more useful ones. And everyone will be satisfied.
Gifts       Gifts
Legendary games in crystal and marble
Style, refinement, fantasy and fun. All contained in Jeux de Cristal, the new collection limited edition board games designed by the famous designer Marcel Wanders for Baccarat. Very fine marble, engravings in gold, red gold and intense black gold for a set of games worthy of the red carpet, while the legendary crystal pampille turns into a superb pawn engraved with the royal fleur de lys, a reference to the Real Game of Ur appeared in Mesopotamia in 2600 BC . For the game of Chess there are 16 pieces in transparent crystal and 16 pieces in black crystal and a chessboard inlaid in white and black marble with the signatures Baccarat and Marcel Wanders. Each game set is numbered under the clear crystal King (€ 14,000.00). The game of Go, born in China around the second millennium BC, has a game plan, called goban, in white marble engraved with a grid of gold lines and counterpointed by 9 “stars” in red crystal called hoshi, 181 stones ( pawns) in
Giftsblack crystal, 180 transparent crystal stones and 2 marble receptacles and red crystal lid. On the double signature goban, Baccarat and Marcel Wanders (€ 20,000.00). And here is the Domino, one of the most popular games in the world, with an inlaid marble game box topped by a red crystal bulb, while the 28 pieces are in black golden crystal (€ 6,500.00). The collection is completed by the Dama (€ 7,900.00), the Backgammom (€ 14,000.00), the Dice and the Red Box Baccarat with two decks of 55 cards Made in France by Grimaud Maître Cartier with rounded corners, metallic silver profile and the Baccarat pampille drawn on the back, white or red to distinguish the cards (€ 95.00). On sale on baccarat.it and in the new Baccarat Boutique Bbar Lounge in via Monte Napoleone 23 in Milan.
Art meets perfume
It is a collection of olfactory jewelery Storie Veneziane by Valmont (First Act): 5 exclusive fragrances with a super-luxury packaging inspired by 5 different neighborhoods and the magical atmosphere of Venice created by Sophie and Didier
giftsGuillon, owners of the brand. Verde Erba, Alessandrite, Rosso, Gaggia Medio and Blu Cobalto represent the triumph of Didier’s artistic talent, who personally designed bottles that are a work of art and of the creative vitality of Sophie, who supervised the creation of five refined perfume extracts (100ml – € 390.00; 50ml – € 290.00; 8.5ml vapo – € 195.00).
Between vintage and modernity
Refinement and sensuality come together in the plot of the new Croco Dandy Collection by S.T. Dupont, leading company in the design and production of luxury personal accessories. A complete range of objects of desire, perfect as gifts, which includes small and large leather goods, lighters and writing instruments. The Croco Dandy collection includes the refined
Gifts         Gifts
credit card holders with six compartments, two convenient compartments for business cards and a larger one for banknotes. In relief, the coat of arms of S.T. Dupont and the tricolor patch (€ 120.00); for real Cigars Lovers there are two iconic lighters, a humidor and cigar holder available with single, double or triple compartment (from € 130.00), the new Slim 7 lighter with flat blue torch flame (€ 175.00) and the D-Initial ballpoint pen or roller (€ 130.00). The Croco Dandy Collection is available in the best S.T. Dupont and within the S.T. Dupont present in the “La Rinascente” store in Piazza Duomo in Milan.
Gifts that do good
Choosing gifts and wishes from the Fondazione AIRC means supporting the efforts of researchers who work to find increasingly specific and effective therapies for small cancer patients. In 2019 alone, AIRC allocated over € 6 million to pediatric cancer research for around 70 projects and scholarships, with the aim of developing increasingly effective, personalized and less toxic therapies for young patients. To participate and continuously support the researchers’ commitment, we can choose AIRC’s gifts and Christmas greetings available at //shop.airc.it/occasioni/natale.
Gifts         Gifts
Among the novelties of this year we find a 500 ml bottle of cold-pressed 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, with a fruity and light taste, the result of collaboration between the AIRC Foundation and Italia Olivicola (€ 15.00 + shipping costs); the new elegant greeting cards in 3 variants (minimum contribution of € 5.00 for the trio + s.c.); the limited edition Christmas balls in green, blue and red (minimum contribution for the € 13.00 + s.c..); the Christmas Chocolates of Research package contains 200 grams of Lindt chocolates (minimum contribution € 10.00 + s.c.) and finally a ceramic mug (minimum contribution € 10.00 + s.c.).
To light up our gifts
Martinelli Luce offers two lamps to put under the Xmas tree. Elica Lamp, designed by Brian Sironi in 2009, winner of the Compasso d’Oro in 2011 and revived after 10 years in the color of glossy black. A sinuous table lamp, with an essential and
Gifts       Gifts
pure design, always up-to-date and of great class. The mechanisms remain hidden and to turn it on just rotate the arm (€ 476,00). The Elmetto Lamp designed by Elio Martinelli for Martinelli Luce was born in 1976 but remains modern and current; as well as any timeless design object it is renewed with new shades of color. The new Elmetto Look is in golden tones, which is well suited to Christmas colors (€ 297.00). Info: martinelliluce.it
For those who are always ready to go
A rich selection of suitcases, bags and accessories to choose from, such as Cosmolite Iridiscent Limited Edition: the light and at the same time incredibly shock-resistant luggage by Samsonite celebrates the Christmas holidays embellishing the iconic design with iridescent details inspired by futuristic trends and holographic (from € 399.00). In Christmas red, Magnum is the lightest polypropylene suitcase with 3 locking points in its category and represents an incomparable mix of
Gifts Gifts  Gifts
lightness, strength and design (from € 195.00). Among the most popular gifts for young fans of the Barbie world there is the Dream Rider Barbie ride-on suitcase, suitable for girls between 3 and 8 years (from € 65.00). Finally, for last-minute gifts there are the Samsonite accessories in silver and in the warm nuances of burgundy: men’s and women’s wallets (from € 49.00), beauty case (€ 55.00), Disney travel pillow (€ 19, 00) and much more.
For the well-being of adults and children
Made with a patented technology that makes them unique in the world, Dolmie pillows follow us everywhere and they are the perfect gift not only for travelers but above all for those who love to rest well. The features of these fully customizable pillows – which arrive vacuum-packed and can always be folded and rewound to be stored in the suitcase or wardrobe – are the most advanced production techniques, the use of innovative materials and a particular attention to design, to comfort
Gifts       Gifts
and practicality. They are available in 4 models: D-One, Suite, Baby and Travel. D-One and Suite are two ergonomically different pillows for two different resting experiences. The D-One (€ 90.00) has a more sinuous line, with thinner sides for more dynamic comfort. The Suite (€ 90.00) has a rounder shape, with higher sides for an important comfort. The pillow in the Baby variant (Baby Boy and Baby Girl, € 65.00) accompanies the baby from the first months of life and it is ideal for baby carriage, crib and cot. The Dolmie Travel cushions, in the Travel version (€ 38.00) and Travel First (€ 50.00), are foldable in a special case, customizable and washable after each trip.
Christmas in the kitchen
The famous Japanese chef Hirohiko Shoda presents his latest book Washoku, the art of Japanese cuisine, where he tells the culinary philosophy of the Land of the Rising Sun through techniques, recipes and tools. After moving to Italy in 2006, the Chef received the official title of Ambassador of Japanese Cuisine in Italy by MAFF Japan in 2019 (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries). The term Washoku indicates the Japanese food and nutrition culture, including the social and spiritual aspects concerning the art of serving, the concept of respect, conviviality and hospitality. Hirohiko Shoda’s dishes are the result of experience and creativity, a fusion of memories, inspirations, travel, knowledge, a lot of study and hard work. A unique opportunity to get to know and understand the healthy and elegant cuisine that has conquered the West.
In these days, in the bookshop there also is Chef in camicia, a collection that carries on paper the most popular recipes and elaborations on the online channels of the homonymous group of cooks, composed by Andrea Navone, Nicolò Zambello and Luca Palomba. Three guidelines are in  the book, Gourmet, Fusion and Casereccio, to recount through the recipes the passions that moved the three friends from the first catering to this book: the cuisine and the people.
Gifts         Gifts

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