Up the glasses: champagne, spumante, prosecco cannot be missed on the Feast table. And they are an appreciated gift.
champagne       champagne
The long tradition of producing sparkling wines that mature in the centuries-old underground cellars of Villa Sandi arrives on our Feast table to give us elegant moments of conviviality. For an effective gift, there is the irresistible rose of the glasses and the precious box of Opere Trevigiane Rosè, Classic Method Sparkling Wine from Pinot Noir grapes (€ 55.00).  Opere Riserva Amalia Moretti Spumante Metodo Classico Riserva are captivating and creamy bubbles contained in a bottle with a refined packaging for a precious gift (Pack of 3 bottles € 135.00). So as not to renounce the pleasure of an informal and extemporaneous toast, nothing better than the Pink briefcase with rosé sparkling wine bottles, a fresh and young gift (€ 20.00). For the most extraordinary occasions, there is the Gold floral packaging with Auris golden bottles, the most festive of the packs (€ 45.00). www.villasandi.it
champagneIt is in the name of luxury the combination proposed by Eurofood, a fusion of very high level tastes. In the Luxury Gift Box a refined duet of Champagne Brut Deutz and Heart of Kv Nordic Smoked Salmon Fillet are placed in an elegant black and gold packaging. La Maison Deutz was born in 1838 in Aÿ and is one of the six most prestigious champagne houses. Norwegian Kv Nordic Royal Salmon Fillet is selected from the best qualities found in the North Sea (Champagne Brut Deutz gift box 75 cl and Salmon Kv Nordic 400 gr, € 93.00). www.eurofood.it
Velvety, golden and with a delicate perlage, Nicolas Feuillatte Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs 2012 Vintage is the ideal champagne to share with friends and connaisseurs at the end of year celebrations, from the aperitif onwards. Nicolas Feuillatte, the youngest of the great Maison of Champagne, number 1 in France and third in the world, offers a collection of Grands Crus, a Blanc de Blancs 100% Chardonnay and a Blanc de Noirs 100% Pinot Noir, rare champagne that are the
champagnemaximum expression of the terroir of Champagne. Refinement, precision and elegance are the necessary milestones for the creation of Nicolas Feuillatte’s Cuvées, made through the delicate “Art de l’Assemblage”. Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs Vendange 2012 is sold in wine shops throughout Italy (€ 55.00). www.nicolas-feuillatte.com
For the end-of-year festivities Valdo, a leading company in the production of Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG, proposes Valdo Numero 10, a unique Millesimato because it is made with 100% Glera grapes but worked with the Classic Method. This important sparkling wine from the Prestigio line, the most refined expression of Valdo quality, fully represents the style and oenological savoir faire of the company, which for almost a century has been producing Prosecco and sparkling wines with a passion for innovation respecting tradition. The particularity that makes Valdo Numero 10 unique is the processing with Metodo Classico instead of with the Charmat method, characteristic of Prosecco; obtained from a precocious Cuvée of the best Glera di Valdobbiadene grapes, it carries out a long fermentation in the bottle for 10 months to preserve as much as possible the typical fruity aromas of this vine and six months of rest after disgorgement in the dark and in the cool of the cellar. The color is straw yellow with light green reflections and the intense, persistent and subtle perlage, the foam is creamy; the bouquet is intensely fruity and fresh. Valdo Numero 10 Millesimato 2017 is great for a toast as an aperitif but is ideal for accompanying the entire meal (€ 18.00). www.valdo.com

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