The new partnership between Select and Winelivery to deliver the authentic Venetian Spritz at home

Select Winelivery Select Winelivery

The aperitif moment unites all of Italy, altough with many different local nuances, and it remains a certainty that marks the time and creates simple moments of pleasant conviviality. A ritual that for over two months has had to find alternative ways to continue making people toast inside their homes. Within this scenario, Select, an icon of the authentic Venetian Spritz has thus decided to start a partnership with Winelivery, the delivery service in 30 minutes and at the ideal temperature of wine and spirits leader in Italy, to reach its loyal consumers directly at home and spread the tradition of the Venetian aperitif throughout Italy. Starting from the Castello district, the historic heart of the city of Venice that gave it its birth, Select and all the products necessary to recreate the original Venetian Spritz – the iconic Select, prosecco, soda, large olives to garnish, as the tradition, and branded glasses – can reach the urban areas of Milan, Bologna, Turin, Florence, Bergamo, Prato, Rome, Naples, Catania, Rimini, Riccione, Modena, Genoa, Brescia, Verona in less than 30 minutes. And in 2 working days, all areas of Italy. Select was born in Venice in 1920 and since then it represents the Venetian aperitif par excellence. Its uniqueness, originality and taste remain the undisputed protagonists even after 100 years: a deep-rooted tradition that is confirmed as such and does not set even in this period in which habits, routines and rhythms have completely changed. Info e

Select Winelivery Select Winelivery

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