Christmas gifts: here are the most exclusive perfumes. Put them under the XmasTree!

Bon Parfumeur’s Advent Calendar. It contains all 21 fragrances of the brand, numbered according to the different olfactory families. They become personalized fragrances thanks to the game of mix and match. The 001 fragrance is present in the 30 ml format, the three iconic fragrances 101, 601, 901 are present in the 15 ml format and the remaining 20 in the 2.5ml mini size (€ 120.00). 

For the Édition limitée de Noël, Goutal Paris contains some of its emblematic eau de parfum (100 ml) and Creme Universelle (75 ml) in Christmas coffrets. Eau d’Hadrien box and Petite Cherie box (€ 157.00 each).

The Coquillete Paris luxury box contains 15 perfumes from the catalog in the 2ml format. A nice idea to get closer to the designer fragrances of the brand and therefore be able to choose your favorite perfumed references (€ 70.00).

The two luxurious fragrances Layton Exclusif and Pegasus Exclusif, the latest olfactory masterpiece of the Les Métalliques collection by Parfums de Marly are dedicated to men (EDP 125ml – € 255.00 Euro | EDP 75ml – € 200.00).

Sharisme Insensé is a masculine eau de parfum, aromatic chypre, the latest creation from the Rancé 1795 Impériale Collection. The olfactory pyramid has a sophisticated structure that includes a note of Incense, deep leather accents and the aroma of Pine and Juniper Berries (50 ml – € 98.00 | 100 ml – € 138.00).

_scusami_ is an extrait de parfum that is part of Filippo Sorcinelli’s art perfume line _UNUM_. The harmonious evolution makes it a perfume suitable for both her and him (100 ml – € 180.00).




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