This year more than ever, taking refuge in the warm and fragrant embrace of your home will give you a sense of magic Christmas.

The Xmas Box by Acqua dell’Elba can be customized and combined with the home fragrance, the scented candle, the room deo characterized by the warm Christmas Notes bouquet. (Perfume 200 ml – € 45.00 | 500 ml – € 66.00 | 2500 ml – € 295.00; Candle 180 g – € 39.00! 25 g – € 62.00 | 1260 g – € 135.00, Deo Ambiente spray 100 ml – € 29.00). acquadell’

Spicy notes of cinnamon and cloves softened by a hint of orange in Antos’ Aria di Natale Vin Brûlé home fragrance. Those who prefer more sparkling notes can instead choose the Mandarin Punch version. The sticks in bamboo wicker slowly absorb the fragrances and spread them throughout the surrounding environment (200 ml – € 12.00).

Ice Fragrance by AR Cosmesi is a delicate and fresh perfume that envelops the environment, gradually evaporating through the sticks of precious and natural wood. Sweet orange from Sicily, lemon balm, lime, cedar, peppermint from Piedmont are the opening notes of the fragrance. The heart of the composition is based on spearmint, green grass, geranium, violet. Notes of cedar wood and Haitian vetiver (250ml – € 36.90) close the pyramid.

Memories of winter evenings surrounded by the warmth of our loved ones resurface when you turn on Altar, Byredo’s bougie parfumée. The top notes of clove give way to a heart of ylang and carnation and then flow into papyrus and vetiver (240 g – € 62.00).

From the historical tradition of handmade soaps, Claus Porto offers an ideal gift set for those who are attentive to details. Soap Dish Gift Set is the box containing three 50g soaps, the most iconic of the Deco collection, characterized by their colorful and retro packaging reminiscent of Portuguese azulejos. The refreshing Banho, the unexpected Favorito and the delicate Voga are blended with 100% vegetable shea oil. To make the gift truly complete and unique, there is also a soap dish in elegant Portuguese porcelain (€ 38.00).

Dressed in the fairytale setting of the legend of the snow butterflies, the Une Foret d’Or scented candle by Goutal Paris fills the home with a fragrance reminiscent of a walk back from the forest (300 g – € 80.00).

Miller Harris Perfumer London has enclosed in the Tangerine Vert candle the citrus scents of green mandarins, Florida grapefruits and Sicilian lemons mixed with the delicate spice of marjoram and the freshness of geranium (185 g – € 50.00).


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