After winter and too much life “indoors”, hair needs ad hoc treatments to wake up.


Alter Ego Italy Urban Proof Anti-digital pollution is an innovative trichological line capable of preventing and combating hair aging caused by digital pollution. The line consists of Scalp & Skin Concentrate, a protective concentrate suitable for the scalp and the hairline (30 ml – € 32.00); and Hair Nectar, a protective treatment to be distributed evenly on lengths and ends (30 ml – € 23.50).


Inspired by Japan, Sakura by Inebrya is a line with a regenerating and moisturizing action that gives a pleasant feeling of well-being. The cherry blossom extract is the active ingredient. Restorative Shampo (100ml – € 5.60); Restorative Mask, a gel product that regenerates scalp and hair (100ml – € 7.80 | 250 ml – € 19.50 | 1000 ml – € 39.00); Restorative Oil, illuminating oil that makes hair instantly radiant and shiny, soft, light and silky (50 ml – € 25.00).


Soft Hair Styling is the new hair line by Eterea Cosmesi Naturale. 5 products that can be used in synergy or individually to compose your own personal haircare routine: Acid Rinse Complex, an acid rinse with a strong polishing, restructuring and antistatic action (150 ml – € 14,90); Anti-Frizz Conditioner Lotion, no-rinse disciplining anti-frizz lotion (100 ml – € 11.90); Silky Cream, silk effect moisturizing cream (100 ml – € 12.90); Thermo Active Complex, which creates an effective protective screen and repairs the hair fiber, preserving it from heat during drying (100 ml – € 11.90); and Thermo Active Complex Curly specific for curly hair (100 ml – € 11.90).


Byredo, a young Swedish brand that has revolutionized the world of niche perfumes with its original fragrances, thinks of hair with three brand new hair perfumes: Gypsy Water, Bal d’Afrique and Blanche, all with a persistent sillage (75 ml – € 52,00). 


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