Che Vino! Is a startup that promotes the culture of wine and the knowledge of the territories. It’s a project that goes beyond the delivery service.
Che Vino       Che Vino
Promote the culture of wine and knowledge of the territories through small and medium-sized producers, with a keen eye on sustainability and the circular economy. This is what Che Vino! Promises. The startup, born in 2020 from an idea by Giuseppe Trisciuoglio, passionate and beverage expert, Federica Piersimoni, “the pioneer of Travel Blogging in Italy” according to Lonely Planet and Elio Maria Piersimoni with skills and important experiences in food, isn’t a simple online shop, but the promotion of wine culture, selected from unique and special wineries. Those who produce a limited number of bottles, those who sell only natural wines, those who choose only eco-sustainable production techniques. These, particular and exclusive, are some of the wineries for sale on Che Vino!. The target is not only people who are passionate about wine and
Che Vinofood, but also those who are not experts and want to be guided in the discovery of a world of aromas, flavors and history. The portal, which also offers pairings between wines and dishes from the different production regions, has various services. In fact, it is possible to see and buy all the bottles on every day of the week, 24 hours a day, or join Che Box!, a monthly subscription that offers every month 3 surprise bottles from a selected producer and a card that tells the story of cellar and its production. Each box also features a product from an Italian company engaged in social work. For a special occasion, an anniversary or a Christmas gift, there is Che Regalo!: a box in which the bottles are wrapped in an elegant red tissue and which provides the possibility to insert a personalized card. Delivery times are on average 24/48 hours and the packaging is 100% recyclable. (
Che Vino               Che Vino

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