While waiting to be able to return to travel without restrictions, we offer a selection of historic homes in Italy by les Collectionneurs.
Let’s plan your next holiday in the name of safety, privacy and exclusivity! This is what the community of restaurateurs, hoteliers and travelers les Collectionneurs proposes, inviting you to be inspired by its selection of ancient villas surrounded by nature and rich in history.

Hotel Villa Paola, Tropea, Calabria

Villa Ormaneto, Cerea, Veneto

Hotel Villa Maremonti, Ronchi di Massa, Toscana

Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort, Vicchio di Mugello, Toscana

Villa Barbarich, Venezia Mestre, Veneto

Villa Abbondanzi Resort, Faenza. Emilia Romagna

Luxury Villa Excelsior Parco , Capri, Campania

Villa Signorini Hotel & Events, Ercolano, Campania

Albergo Villa Marta. Lucca, Toscana






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