Yankee Candle, a leading brand in the field of home fragrances, has announced for the third year the highly anticipated fragrance Scent of the Year, which will define 2021.
Yankee Candle
It’s called Discovery and it’s inspired by our natural search for authentic connections through a combination of fragrances that awaken our feelings of discovery, energy, connection and the desire to embrace new experiences and cultures. In short, in a year in which one of our strongest desires is precisely to leave the house and return to explore the world but we do not yet know exactly when it will be possible and in what ways, the Scent of the Year fragrance by Yankee Candle allows us at least to discover what is outside of us and to create new memories and connections from the comfort of our homes. Discovery gives home environments a splendid blend of fruits and spices that transports us to new cultures through food, fashion or décor. Red ginger gives us inspiration for an ethnic dish, carambola makes us dream of Caribbean islands and tropical jungles, mango rekindles our hopes and passions and reminds us that adventure is around the corner, passion fruit inspires us to plan our next vacation and vanilla soothes our hard-pressed soul (Discovery, Scent of the Year 2021, Large Jar € 32.90).
Yankee CandleYankee CandleYankee Candle
The new Returning Favorites collection for this Spring Summer 2021 is also available from April: 4 fragrances from the Yankee Candle archive return to our homes after the popular poll that last year decreed the fragrances that have left an indelible memory. The names of the fragrances are Tutti-Frutti, Pink Lady Slipper, Beautiful Day and Beach Walk. (Large Jar Candles € 30.90). Yankee Candle





When we are away from home, there is instead the WoodWick car diffuser, whose basic kit includes a stick holder with lanyard and magnetic closure and two 100% natural pre-scented bamboo sticks. Just replace the sticks when you want a new fragrance, thus making the diffuser a sustainable choice for perfuming the car. (Basic kit € 13.90 | Refills € 7.90). www.yankeecandle.it
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