Mowi launches on the Italian market a superior quality salmon with an unmistakable taste: the best ally for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.
The Norwegian brand Mowi, a global leader in salmon farming for over 50 years, finally arrives in Italy with two new lines, one signature and one gourmet, based on the principles of healthy living and sustainability. All Norwegian Mowi salmon are ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) certified, the strictest environmental sustainability standard, a guarantee of responsible aquaculture that respects the welfare of the salmon, their environment and biodiversity. Mowi Signature is a dry-salted smoked salmon with sea salt and delicately smoked on beech wood for several hours. The next resting phase balances the flavors and allows the salmon to be smoked evenly. Finally, it is sliced ​​fresh, using only the finest part of the fillet, to bring a product with a tender consistency and a delicious taste to the table. Available in 50g (2 slices) and 100g (4 slices) formats, it is contained in a unique exclusive packaging, made with recycled plastic and 100% transparent, which maintains all the freshness and softness of the slices, making them easily separable. To ensure absolute transparency, a QR code on the package allows total traceability from the sea to the table. Mowi Gourmet is a freshly cooked salmon and the Mowi Gourmet Infusions are the new tasty marinated fresh salmon steaks available in two variants: Red Thai, seasoned with a blend of slightly spicy spices and aromas; and Ginger, Chilli and Lemon. Available in the 220g format (2 slices), they are distinguished by a special aroma and flavor and for the ease of preparation: 4 minutes in the microwave are enough to obtain a versatile and delicious dish, to be enjoyed as an appetizer, as a light main course or as ingredient for gourmet salads.

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