They are young, fresh, fun and full of life. With Pellegrino sensorial wines resonate in wine glass yellow notes of peach and melon, green nuances of apple and mint that give harmony and spontaneity, citrus hues that vibrate like sun rays in the morning and floral scents that they inspire sensuality and kindness. They are light wines capable of evoking the beautiful Sicilian season, with their intense aromas.

Cantine Pellegrino 1880 Cantine Pellegrino 1880 Cantine Pellegrino 1880

Gibelè comes from zibibbo grapes grown in the province of Trapani and harvested in the first ten days of September. It is an elegant white that ages 4 months in the cellar before it can be tasted. It is presented in the wine glass of a straw yellow color; on the nose the intense aromas of jasmine, orange blossom, lemon and mint stand out, while in the mouth it is dry, very intense and persistent, as well as pleasantly soft. Extraordinary during the summer to accompany fish soups, raw and shellfish, but it is also perfect for enhancing vegetarian dishes.

Dianthà is a blend of Grillo and Malvasia grapes, grown in vineyards located up to 150 meters above the level of the sea between Petrosino and Mazara del Vallo, in the province of Trapani. The grapes are harvested early in the morning in the first weeks of August, and then the wine is aged in steel and two months in the bottle. In the glass it is pale straw yellow and in the mouth it is fresh with a citrus finish, ideal for giving impetus to hot summer days, from lunch by the sea, to sunset on the beach, up to a moonlit dinner. Dianthà lets you experience the thrill of a holiday in Sicily with your eyes open. The very fresh and delicate hints of orange blossom, jasmine and mint enhance the delicate dishes based on blue fish and also make it the ideal companion for an aperitif based on raw or fried vegetables.

Finimondo! comes from Nero d’Avola grapes left to dry slightly under the hot sun of the  Sicily. Thanks to this technique, the fruit is presented at the harvest with a greater concentration of aromas, thus amplifying the final aromatic structure of the wine, also thanks to the aging in barrels for 4 months Deep red in color, it envelops and enchants in an embrace of fruity and floral aromas, pleasant hints of candied fruit and intense spicy notes. It is soft and intriguing, ideal as an aperitif in combination with cold cuts, soft cheeses and tempura vegetables, and to best accompany the moments of joy and lightheartedness of spring and summer. Info 


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