Warm fragrances that capture autumn days, scents of woods and nature but also that bring thoughts back to distant destinations. Diptque, Yankee Candle and WoodWick scented candles are this season’s must-have


diptyque diptyque

Diptyque’s Grand Tour, a journey through cultures, to discover yourself and the world

Magical destinations express themselves as fragrances. Paris, Venice, Milies, Kyoto and Byblos come to life in five limited edition, perfumed creations. Destinations which have inspired  scented candles, perfumes and scented ovals. Have a good trip! Take a stroll along the Left Bank of the Seine.

For the first stop-over of Le Grand Tour, the classic Paris candle is wandering in its verdigris attire, in and out of the antiquarians and bookshops. In its wake, the fragrances of waxed wood and old books, and the mineral notes of the Paris cobbles. Under its black wood hood is the expression of Paris is in a limited edition.

Near Venice is an island of vegetable gardens, our second stop-over on Le Grand Tour. Fresh basil mingles with green peppers. The sharp accents of mandarin contrasts those of vetiver. And on turning onto a path, emerges an Eau de Toilette, in a box set of 3 traveling bottles. Limited edition.

The paths of Mount Pelion start by the sea and reach Milies, the third stop-over of Le Grand Tour. On the way, fields of fig trees lined with cypresses. Further on, the fragrance of enduring encounters meets the cool breeze of the Mediterranean. This inspires the Milies perfumed oval and its marble beads in a exceptional limited edition.

Delicately balanced with flowers, the next stop-over, Kyoto, influences a new eau de toilette. Inspired by Ikebana, the art of Japanese floral composition, it is based on three fragrances: the rose for the people, incense for the heavens, and vetiver for the earth. On the bottle, a Sarayi-pattern fabric, designed by diptyque’s founders. An arrangement of rhythms and colours. Limited Edition.


Yankee Candle Yankee Candle

The sparkling scents of autumn by Yankee Candle

A journey into nature and into the woods. The Woodland Road Trip scented candles collection by Yankee Candle® consists of four new fragrances that capture the bright autumn days, full of beautiful and inviting notes. Available in Yankee Candle® Original large and medium size jar, the Woodland Road Trip collection is the perfect solution for cozy autumn evenings

Farm Fresh Peach

Enjoy inviting local flavors with this delicious and innovative blend of fresh scents inspired by peach and apricot. With green leaf, apricot and orange scented top notes, heart notes reminiscent of peach and dried plum, and base notes inspired by musk, plum and vanilla, Farm Fresh Peach recreates the captivating atmosphere of the countryside in the home comfort

Autumn Sunset

Enjoy the last moments of a beautiful autumn sunset with warm and attractive scents that evoke cedar and sandalwood. Autumn Sunset, perfect for capturing the moment, has base notes reminiscent of amber, sandalwood and oud, heart notes inspired by cedar wood, sink and heliotrope, and top notes that evoke lemon and orange, to give a moment of serenity.

Woodland Road Trip

A journey through the autumn landscape and its colorful leaves with inviting scents that evoke jasmine and fir. Woodland Road Trip, which captures the true essence of autumn days, is characterized by top notes inspired by green mandarin, iced jasmine and white rose, heart notes with the scent of Douglas fir, white vetiver, clay and sage , and base notes that recall Madagascar vanilla bean, white suede and labdanum.

Freshly Tapped Maple

With vibrant notes reminiscent of maple and cinnamon, Freshly Tapped Maple is as sweet as a mountain of pancakes and is the perfect way to start the day. Freshly Tapped Maple features sweet orange peel, whipped milk and brown sugar scented top notes, bourbon maple sugar-inspired heart notes, coconut cream and sweetened cinnamon and base notes reminiscent of salted caramel, vanilla bean and sugar pralines.  https://www.yankeecandle.it

WoodWick WoodWick

WoodWick® candles to feel on vacation

WoodWick scented candles give a sophisticated touch to any environment, with authentic fragrances enclosed in elegant containers with elliptical and hourglass shapes. Here are the two fragrances for a summer that never ends

Melon & Pink Quartz A sunny combination of notes inspired by melon, cucumber and crystalline rose quartz, accompanied by scented notes of violet leaves and lemon blossoms.

Chilli Pepper Ice Cream Chords that evoke the scent of spicy red chillies and aromatic citrus notes are softened by sweet notes reminiscent of creamy coconut and vanilla pod https://www.yankeecandle.it/woodwick-candles-it

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