For a spring long weekend, we offer three ideas outside the city where you can reconnect with nature while savoring delicious menus or tasting fine glasses.

cityRelaxing among vineyards and experiential activities, a perfect combination that finds its maximum expression in La Canosa, a winery immersed in the Marche hills and in the heart of the Sibillini National Park. The property covers 110 hectares, 40 of which dedicated to vineyards for the production of both typical local wines and more international ones. While around Jesi, in the province of Ancona, 12 hectares of vines aged between 12 and 20 years and with an altitude between 194 meters and 233 meters have recently been added for thecity production of Verdicchio. A cellar with a modern and preferably sustainable approach, values that also characterize the “Canosa Experience”, a project that enhances the relationship with the territory and its authenticity in full respect of the environment, embracing a philosophy that starts precisely from sustainability. The value of tradition, of the peculiarities of the local culture and of everything that surrounds it becomes a precious heritage to be experienced through multiple activities related to psycho-physical and spiritual well-being between yoga, horses, mountains, vineyards that give a citydifferent perspective in everyday life . For a “hit and run” you can book a tour of the cellar and the vineyards that surround it and then get inebriated with a tasting of the company’s wines paired with a selection of typical local products. La Canosa offers 17 labels, of which 6 reds, 6 whites, a rosé and 4 bubbles, with the great novelty represented by the classic and superior Verdicchio and, from next year, also the Riserva. Those who have more time on their hands cannot miss the hospitality of the estate’s holiday home, the ideal place to immerse yourself in the relaxation that only authentic nature can give and an excellent starting point for discovering the magnificent Piceno area and all the many activities it offers

Tenuta de l’Annunziata offers unforgettable moments away from the hustle and bustle of the city, just an hourcity from Milan and a few km from Como and nearby Switzerland. The green oasis of Uggiate Trevano, which has always been a destination for excursions due to its large wooded areas, is the perfect place to relax with a lunch out of town immersed in nature or even to regenerate for a few days by staying in the Natural Relais which has twenty rooms united by the splendid view that embraces the chestnut grove in which they are immersed and opens up to the surrounding hilly landscape. Do not miss the SPA, in which all the products used for the treatments are made starting from citythe agricultural production inside the estate, mainly herbs from the forest and small fruits. The gastronomic proposal of the Quercus restaurant, the realm of Chef Salvatore Musso, is truly zero kilometer, based on seasonal and very fresh ingredients interpreted every day with mastery in natural recipes that enhance flavors and aromas. The knowledge of the territory, the passion for the genuine raw materials that nature can give and the attention and respect for the ingredients inspire both the new à lacity carte menu and the chef’s three free-hand tasting itineraries: Sentiero Lepre (4 courses ), Sentiero Riccio (7 courses), and the original Sentiero Verde (4 vegetarian courses) with locally produced vegetables and raw materials. And after lunch, here is another flagship of the Tenuta de l’Annunziata: the Bioenergetic Forest, unique in Europe that makes the Estate a cutting-edge holistic center on an international level. A real 13-hectare “wellness park” where you can practice Forest Therapy, or walk in nature surrounded by silence to rediscover the precious psycho-physical balance (

cityFor a 360° experience among the Unesco Heritage hills of the Val Dobbiadene there is the Tino Gourmet restaurant, opened by the innovator Chef Tino Vettorello in 2020 in the charming hotel Villa Soligo in Farra di Soligno, in the Treviso area. A mix of history, culture, nature and flavour: the experience at Villa Soligo, a splendid historic 18th century villa renovated and transformed into a charming hotel equipped with every comfort and at Tino Gourmet is much morecity than a simple stop in the hills of Prosecco DOCG. The restaurant is located in a separate wing of the villa and since its opening it has been an unmissable stop for the many admirers of Vettorello’s cuisine and its menus that are always updated based on the seasonality of the products. Low fat and very little sugar, plenty of vegetables, quality raw materials: these are the ingredients necessary to make a meal not only a happy moment of conviviality, but an all-round wellness experience. It is no coincidence that Vettorello has become an ambassador of this cooking cityphilosophy through Health Chef, the project born with the aim of promoting a balanced lifestyle, starting with nutrition. The chef, who knows the supply chain very well as he belongs to a three-generation family involved in the agri-food sector, pays close attention to the selection of the products he uses for his cuisine. Products from the Veneto region, therefore, but coming from the supply chain controlled directly by him. Radicchio, artichokes, asparagus, beans, Mediterranean and freshwater fish are the ingredients that are never lacking oncity the menu. Served, of course, together with the best reserves of Prosecco DOCG, produced in the Unesco hills. Having overcome the old and boring concepts of appetizer, first and second course, the chef’s creations become real sensory experiences where creativity, the exaltation of the products, the balance between flavor and health prevail. But if the menu changes according to the seasonality of the products, there are some “must” dishes that are never missing. Like the “Clooney-style turbot”, prepared for George Clooney with whisky, the Hollywood star’s favorite spirit, or Spaghetti al nero, with cuttlefish, prawns and orange notes dedicated to Penelope Cruz ( ).

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