Renewed design and expanded offer for the products of the Paracelso Alchemy line dedicated to skin care and well-being of body and mind, made according to the alchemical technique of transforming substances strictly of vegetable origin.

by Marialuisa Jaksetich

Paracelso AlchemyFounder and nose of the Maison of the same name, Maria Candida Gentile is a true Italian excellence who has been able to make herself known and recognized worldwide through her signature fragrances that are absolutely out of every scheme. “Nature is the key to everything and we owe everything to her” is her philosophy of life and in her creations the Maître Parfumeur remains faithful to the great and ancient perfume tradition using only natural molecules, selected and processed with care and respect for the preservation of full expressive power. And nature is the absolute protagonist of the brand new Paracelso Alchemy line, in which the spagyric harvest and the maintenance of the ancient maceration techniques allow the ingredient to express itself in its maximum fullness and healing power.
Paracelso Alchemy is presented today in a more complete and renewed guise to re-propose a knowledge of very ancient origins developed with a group of doctors and biologists who shared with Maria Candida Gentile the experience derived from the study and therapeutic comparison with their patients. Paracelso Alchemy
The Paracelso Alchemy line has so far been well represented by the ‘rose’ range dedicated to skin care with face serum, elixir, micellar water, cleansing milk, tonic, day cream and massage oil. To complete and expand its offer, here are now the new products designed for the well-being of the body and mind such as massage oils, creams to counteract skin blemishes or for an emollient action and, for the male universe, a specific after cream repair beard.
Among the 2023 novelties to try there are also herbal teas, decoctions, insect repellents and a mouthwash with proven benefits.
Even the packaging has been redesigned in the name of a fresher and more contemporary image, declined in two shades to differentiate the types of products: Pink to identify the ‘rose’ skin care line and Bordeaux for body wellness.
The Paracelso Alchemy line is available online and exclusively at the spa and new emporium of the 5-star Borgo San Felice relais in Castelnuovo Berardenga, in the province of Siena. Here it is also possible to experiment with treatments made with ‘rose’ products and baths in oil dispersion.
It is possible to purchase all Maria Candida Gentile products at the online shop
Paracelso Alchemy                Paracelso Alchemy

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