Leader in cosmetic research and innovation since 1985, “Le Magicien du temps” unveils the new and highly effective Deto2x Eye formula in spring 2023. Its unique texture restores vitality to the eye area.

Deto2x EyeThe latest creation from Valmont to effectively treat dark circles and signs of fatigue in the delicate area around the eyes is a specific treatment conceived as a breath of fresh air from the Swiss mountains. “Awaken your eyes!” exhorts Sophie Vann Guillon, CEO of the Group, by placing at our disposal Deto2x Eye, a unique and innovative cosmetic approach to rejuvenate the eye contour area and awaken the gaze using oxygenating active ingredients that counteract the main factors that make the eye area tired and with dark circles: stress, lack of sleep, smoke and environmental pollution. Its light and effervescent texture melts intoDeto2x Eye the skin like a velvety caress in a moment of unique and effective pleasure from the first application. A real breath of fresh air for the epidermis thanks to the Valmont 02 Complex, which brings purity to the heart of the skin through a perfluorocarbon derivative which stimulates its oxygenation in combination with a blend of nasturtium flower extract, which acts as a take a deep breath and free the skin from the inside, restoring its oxygenation mechanisms. Also in the composition is the Swiss Uttwiler Spätlauber apple, a natural miracle of longevity approved by science that wonderfully counteracts the effects of time. Deto2x Eye incorporates a liposome of stem cells from this very special fruit, giving life to a revolutionary active ingredient that stimulates cell renewal. By promoting the birth of new cells, the epidermis can then naturally rid itself of aged cells laden with toxins. Finally, there is the Triple DNA, the essence of cellular cosmetics: thanks to its exceptional anti-aging properties (moisturizing, protective, repairing, stimulating cell renewal and cellular metabolism), the triple DNA, Valmont’s signature cosmetic active, provides all the energy elements essential for cellular vitality.
Deto2x EyeA complete Deto2x program for face and eyes
Deto2x Eye joins two iconic treatments already acclaimed for their oxygenating and detoxifying efficacy: Deto2x Cream since 2016 purifies skin prone to urban pollution. This foamy cream can be used daily. Its bubbles regenerate in contact with the air and illuminate the dull and tired complexion from city life. The skin appears smooth, relaxed, radiant and rested (45 ml – € 262.00); Deto2x Pack is instead a playful and practical capsule rich in powerful active ingredients to oxygenate the skin and give it radiance. In just 10 minutes, this cream mask transforms into an effervescent foam that tickles the senses and then diffuses its precious ingredients into the heart of the epidermis (6×10 ml – €165.00); finally, from March 2023 our beauty routine will be enriched, as mentioned, with Deto2x Eye, which restores vitality to tired and dull eyes. To be used morning and evening by taking a small amount of cream and dabbing on the eye contour (12 ml – € 178.00).(www.lamaisonvalmont.com)
Deto2x Eye      Deto2x Eye

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