The new V-Firm line by Valmont contains three highly performing products that respond to the dual challenge of comfort and sensoriality.

V-FirmAmerican dermatologists distinguish 3 main categories of facial aging. Wrinklers are faces with a tendency to develop deep wrinkles, Sinkers are faces that tend to deflate, leaving the underlying bone structure clearly visible, Saggers are those that become heavy, relaxed and lacking in tone. Valmont’s three new V-FIRM formulas offer an effective answer for “Sinkers” and “Saggers”, reviving drained skin with substance and support thanks to a blend of proven, cutting-edge ingredients that work together to restore density and thickness in the dermis. This new Firmness line consists of V-Firm Serum, a generous melting serumV-Firm with a velvety finish; V-Firm Cream, an enveloping and comfortable cream that envelops the skin in a modeling veil; and V-Firm Eye, an eye contour treatment with a phenomenal “Honey Gel” texture. As for their composition, a cocktail of peptides made up of Matrikines – messenger peptides capable of regulating cellular activities – activates the production of collagen, while the Density Complex (consisting among other things of Vitamin C, Immortelle flower extract and copper) gives compactness to the dermis; finally, the Triple DNA – a distinctive element of Valmont – supplies all the energy components indispensable for cellular vitality. Meanwhile, the RNA liposome traps RNA and urea within a phospholipid membrane for deep action. In short, Sophie Vann Guillon, CEO of Valmont, is absolutely to be believed when she V-Firmsays: “V-Firm wins the challenge of science in voluptuousness, combining visible cosmetic efficacy and highly sensorial formulas”. Rich and creamy, V-Firm Serum fixes V-Firmitself like a coating on the skin, helping to transform it and targeting sagging skin to plump up its volumes (30 ml – € 310.00). Once the V-Firm Cream is applied to the face, the transformation is surprising thanks to the texture that is one with the skin to infuse its anti-aging and tonic benefits. Starting from 28 days, the face reveals a younger look with sharper contours thanks to the newfound elasticity (50 ml – € 360.00). The “Honey Gel” texture of V-Firm Eye restores the firmness of relaxed eyelids and wrinkles under the eyes (15 ml – € 240.00).

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